One on One Training

MY MISSION! Exercise should be fun!

cta_box_3The crucial component for success is enjoyment, and this I do by injecting spirit, energy and warmth. You can’t go wrong!

Successful instructors are universally recognized for letting their personalities shine through. The first thing you will note in my class is my friendly disposition.

Class participants can reach out effortlessly and they know they will be acknowledged. My music reflects this. It’s energized, exudes warmth and sets the “feel-good” tone of my class. You can’t help but feel great.

All fitness levels can relate to Cardio Kickboxing.

It is easily adapted to suit the needs of all participants. And what’s more, it makes the gradual process of weight loss easy to commit to. You will be able to move, follow the sequences and do so without hurting yourself. You will be under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor who can educate and encourage you. I am a very hands-on instructor. Movements are clearly explained making execution easy and I am always on hand to give one-on-one assistance to ensure correct form.  Outlined below explains a typical one on one personal kickboxing training session.  Sign up for a cardio kickboxing class and try it out!

Class participants will feel the energy and this will absolutely carry them through the workout and help them achieve their goals. Throughout their journey participants will have me encouraging them, helping them achieve the transformation they desire. Whether it’s correcting their form during a workout, or a warm wish before or after class from a friend to friend, I will be there with you! So come on by and try one of my classes. Being the friendly person that I am, I look forward to welcoming you and sharing the spirit.




Warming up your body is crucial to prepare the body for activity, and this is also true for One On One Training. This kick-starts the body’s metabolic processes, enables muscles to be stretched effectively and helps one focus mentally for the exercise to come.

This begins with a brief circulatory warm up to raise the body’s temperature. It might include power walking or jogging for 5 minutes, doing easy routines or steps to music to ready the body, oil the joints and put one’s mind and body in-the-zone.

With the body now warm, stretches are done properly under my direct guidance. I make sure they are effective and safe. Each stretch should be held for about 30 seconds. Ensure you do both sides. You should feel a good stretch, but no pain.


Biceps, anterior deltoid, pectorals – standing, bring both arms with elbows straight, up behind your back as far as is comfortable. Hold.

Triceps, posterior deltoid – standing, bring each arm in turn up to your ear keeping the elbow bent. Use the opposite arm to reinforce the pressure by pushing gently backward. Hold.

Back, lats, lateral abdominals – while standing, reach up as high as you can with your hands clasped. Gently shift direction with your upper body side to side which will emphasize the stretch to your torso. Hold.


Hip flexors, calf – gently position yourself in a forward lunge. Try keep your rear heel on the ground. Feel the stretch in your groin and calf of the rear leg. Hold.

Adductors – gently position yourself in a side lunge. Feel the stretch in your inner thigh. Hold.

Quads – stand or side lye (especially if you have difficultly balancing) and hold your foot as close to your butt as you can. Hold.

Hamstrings – sit with one leg stretched out in front of you. The other knee bent with the foot up against the other leg. Reach forward with your back straight. Hold.

Once these routines have been completed, the main muscle groups will have been addressed. You will be ready to proceed with the workout.


All moves commence from a standard fighting stance – left foot forward, right arm remains back guarding the face. This enables us to initiate all the combinations of movements and is a stable platform from which to work. Moves include hooks, upper cuts, jabs, punches, jab cross, left kick forward, back kicks and side kicks.

Music is important. It energizes the instructor and participants, and ensures they get 100% from the workout. Pumped music is played, and the class begins!

My favourite song to begin the class is “Up all Night”. The tempo allows gentle bounce movements combined with alternating upper cuts while the feet shift in an easy dance-like rhythm. As the class proceeds the music does increase in tempo which elevates the heart rate and adds to the energy. The increased tempo takes the participant through the workout increasing in energy and building one’s natural physiological process to enjoy the class and maximize the benefit.

In the second part of the class we will do higher knee kicks and side kicks. The higher you kick, the greater the intensity of your workout. It is easy to modulate the movements within your body’s comfort and ability so the workout can be enjoyed by all.

The cardio aspect is approximately 20 minutes. Once it is complete we take a brief pulse check and water break for about 5 minutes. It is essential to keep our legs moving so our bodies do not experience the shock of an abrupt stop. It is now time for the cool down….


This includes a gradual slow down of movements to allow the body to adapt to a less active state. Ceasing exercise abruptly is best replaced by a graduated process, and I will ensure this happens properly. I will also include stretches similar to those in the warm up. These minimize muscle tightness and discomfort that sometimes accompanies a good workout. Together we will discover that wonderful “post workout glow” which is a great motivator for next time.

As you can see, the workout is divided into distinct sections. Each has a specific purpose and each will ensure the workout is maximally beneficial. Join me, come say hello, I look forward to meeting you!