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Between the office and caring for your family, there’s not too much time left for your fitness. Alka’s Total Fitness presents programs designed exclusively for women to get back to fitness!

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Boutique Fitness Experience:

We provide a high-end, customized boutique experience, you won’t find at your regular gym.

Personal Attention:

Our personalized classes have a student-to-instructor ratio of 2:1, giving your needs individual attention.

Focus on Results:

We help set objective, track and measure success so that you achieve the best results.

Online or In-Studio:

Take sessions from anywhere online or enjoy our in-studio experience.

Our Courses

Limited Time Offer of $5 a class

At Alka’s Total Fitness, we provide an environment and classes that redefine fitness for mothers! Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, our classes are well-rounded and comprehensive enough to ensure you meet your fitness goals

  • Pilates

    Strength and flexibility are just some of the benefits you’ll get in a Pilates class. Our Pilates fitness classes are diverse and personalized to bring out the best of your physique.

  • Yoga

    Yoga (Restorative)

    Unleash the power of yoga with our yoga fitness classes. They will strengthen your mind and body and help you feel younger.

  • Zumba


    Dance your way to your ideal body! Zumba at Alka’s Total Fitness is authentic and calibrated for optimal fat-blasting. You will love it.

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Join now at an Exclusive, Limited-Time-Only Offer of $5 per classUpgrade to a 10-class pack at just $45

    Here’s how our classes
    could help you

    • Increase your Vital Energy to keep you with your busy lifestyle
    • Gain Sexy Muscle Tone
    • Lose that Unwanted Weight
    • Gain Mental Clarity, Stay Sharp
    • Increase your Self-Confidence
    • Reached personal goals with a Lifestyle Coach

    About Alka Sharma

    Alka Sharma is the owner & manager of
    Alka’s Total Fitness Boutique Studio.

    What our students said

    Don’t take our word.
    See what’s our students said about the course.

    Testimonial 1

    I first tried Aerial Yoga, then Pilates, Zumba, and Yoga classes and it was incredible. I was surrounded by people that were non-judgemental, and encouraging but what I mainly remember is always having fun. When you combine FUN with your FITNESS you become addicted to becoming HEALTHY and FIT. I recommend you immerse yourself in Alka’s Total Fitness Community that EMPOWERS WOMEN AND MEN to truly live a life you deserve.

    Armin Shafee

    Elite Speakers Academy, Reborn Experience

    Testimonial 2

    Alka was terrific with my team. Her energy and passion for Cardio Kickboxing really made the evening a ton of fun and WOW what a work-out. It was unexpected how easily Alka transitioned us from move to move. Cardio-Kickboxing would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s training program or just a great way to get started.

    Gwen A.

    Branch Manager

    Testimonial 3

    Alka’s Total Fitness program is truly life changing. From the moment I walked into the room, Alka’s smile and positive energy was felt in the room. Her class was upbeat and had complex drills but she took the time to go through them and explain so that I was able to participate to the best of my ability. She was always willing to re-explain routines and drills and help whoever was stuck.

    I can say for sure that I’ll be back whenever possible, and will recommend to all my friends and family whoever is looking for a total core body workout every Sunday AM to try Alkas class.

    I left her class sweating like crazy, and that’s how you know it was a great workout -10/10!!!

    Evan H.

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