Total Resistance Exercise

TRX Promotes Balance and Control



TRX Promotes Balance and Control

As the name suggests, this exercise is unlike anything else you have seen! Using 2 suspended pulleys, exercise sequences utilize upper and lower extremity (arm and leg) work, while taking your core (torso) strength to the next level! Pulleys are used as tools to enhance or challenge the participant’s workout.

Familiar weight bearing exercises (e.g. Squats or push ups) are combined with these pulleys to add to or decrease the resistance.

Pulleys, unlike the floor or exercise bars, are inherently unstable, so there is a significant balance and control element with all exercises.

You are forced to use your back and abdomen muscles to keep your torso firm and control the movement.

This greatly increases the effectiveness of the workout.

There are Mind Blowing Benefits to TRX Training – Mobility & Stability!

Yes, routines are potentially much tougher than many other workouts! But the main challenge is control and balance.

By using dangling pulleys as a contact point for hands or feet, you can “up” that control component in all exercises. Not only are you pushing or pulling against resistance, you are avoiding wobbling or cheat movements while keeping your midriff firm and the movement stable.

Precise movement execution will require the body to recruit a larger muscle mass. This in turn results in a greater body hormonal response. Body systems in turn maximize their response to the workout.

Resulting strength and stamina nurtures stronger bone and the amplified response of the heart and lungs to the comprehensive challenge, make for a workout finer than virtually any other. Your mobility and stability are assured to improve significantly. Without a doubt this workout is truly far more effective!

The improbable but astounding history of TRX!

The roots of TRX workouts have an unrivalled pedigree! It was invented by Randy Hetrick who is a former Navy Seal and Stanford MBA graduate. Based on his military experience, he invented this system to maintain his peak condition. The success and recognition it has received speaks for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions about TRX Classes and Training

What is TRX?

Total resistance exercise refers to suspension training using gravity and body weight to make regular workouts more challenging. The suspension bands are hung from pulleys in the ceiling and feature loops for your hands or feet. These heavy-duty, adjustable straps let you perform pull-ups, squats, chest presses, and any other exercise.

Who Will Benefit from Suspension Training?

Whether you are a beginner, a pro athlete, or someone who likes finding new ways to keep fit, TRX is for you. In each session, you will experience elevated metabolism and muscle utilization from being suspended. TRX training can help you strengthen multiple areas of your body, including:

  • Core
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Glutes
  • Back

Is TRX Training Right for Someone Who is Out of Shape or Just Getting into Exercise?

TRX can be challenging. However, the routines can be customized for beginners or those who may not be as fit as others. Our in-house trainer will help you master everything from proper form to advanced moves while remaining safe.

How is Suspension Training Different from Other Training?

Compared to weight training and traditional exercise, TRX works multiple muscles and joints at the same time. This helps prevent any injury from overuse and prevent muscle imbalances. You will break a sweat from the combination of your body weight, gravity, and the pressure of maintaining balance. Each movement helps to build total-body strength.

Do I Need to Bring Any Equipment?

No. All the equipment you need is available in the studio. We do recommend that you bring a towel and a water bottle.

Alka Sharma’s studio is proud to make TRX available to it’s GTA friends and clients. Come find out what makes it such a success!