Power Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga aims to relax the body, nurture focus and ultimately breach the mind-over-matter barrier to facilitate excellent health.


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Yoga is one of the most widely enjoyed mind-body activities.

Using various poses, Yoga aims to relax the body, nurture focus and ultimately breach the mind-over-matter barrier to facilitate excellent health. It’s widely recognized as a system of exercises for mental and physical health. More traditionally it is considered a Hindu philosophy which teaches the experience of inner peace by controlling the body and mind. The great pluses of yoga are magnified with Power Vinyasa Yoga.

What is Power Vinyasa Yoga?

Power Vinyasa Yoga uses breath to amplify the effectiveness of the workout. By incorporating it into our exercise, we enhance the effectiveness of everything we associate with Yoga. The focus of our intent, physical and mental, are all amplified. With Power Vinyasa Yoga, our movements are synchronized with respiration. It’s an opportunity to harmonize our automatic body functions with it’s conscious actions.  We are truly taking control of our workout and our bodies. The fluid movements power us from pose to pose  providing us with poise, posture and positioning. In general, inhalation and upward movements occur together, while exhalation accompanies downward movements.

The Entire Body Benefits of Power Vinyasa Yoga

The emphasis of Power Vinyasa Yoga on continual gentle movement between poses is an excellent way to build muscle mass and strength. Arms and hands are frequently used as contact points with the mat which means they too benefit from weight bearing stimulation. The frequent transitions between poses ensure an important dynamic component, with balance and coordination playing a role.  Your core muscles will tone since your back and abdomen are trained to firm up with the performance of each routine. The entire body experiences the benefits of strength-work.

The flowing movements in conjunction with the relaxation component of exhalation should assist in loosening stiff restricted muscles. They naturally adapt to the gentle stresses of these routines, elongating and contracting with the rhythm of your breathing. Other forms of yoga tend to hold poses for far longer. Power Vinyasa Yoga focuses on gentle flowing movements. These provide strength and stamina without you enduring the discomfort associated with prolonged holding and fatigue.

The ongoing movement will also oil the joint surfaces. Movement stimulates the flow of synovial fluid which nourishes and lubricates articular cartilage. This is a great way to prevent arthritis or alleviate the effects if you already have it since movements are so gentle.

As the joints become healthier, the muscles stronger and more flexible and your balance and coordination improve, so should your resistance to injury. The piece of mind from relaxation generated by Yoga in general, as well as the greater confidence you will have in your own body, will make for a better you!

Power Vinyasa Yoga is a particularly enjoyable and gentle form of Yoga.

It’s a Yoga which connects breath to the body’s natural rhythms and the soft flow of gentle movement.  Above all other forms of Yoga, this should resonate with far more people.

At Alka’s Total Fitness we are excited to have Power Vinyasa Yoga available to our friends and clients!

Yoga is a perfect “time out”

Certainly, in this hectic modern world, a chance to pause, focus, zone into one’s inner self while toning the muscles, is something to treasure. It allows one to get grounded, take in the fresh oxygen, stretch and strengthen the muscles and move the body in ways it needs to move and nurture your piece-of-mind. It’s the perfect mend for the mental and musculoskeletal systems. Regular users claim mood improvements and decreased anxiety levels. Resulting positive blood pressure control positively affect numerous body systems. Low back pain can also be minimized.

Yoga’s long history!

Yoga’s history hearkens back to India many hundreds of years ago, quite likely in the 5th century. It’s evolution and continued practice over the centuries indicates its success! Alka Sharma is proud to avail her friends of the opportunity to experience yoga at its best!

The longevity of Yoga over the centuries speaks for its success! The American College of Sports Medicine cites yoga’s promotion of “profound mental, physical and spiritual awareness” and its benefits as a form of stretching, and as an enhancer of breath control and of core strength.

Alka’s Total Fitness Studio is the destination of choice for yoga at its beautiful best! For those who desire an experience that has inspired people for almost 2 millenia, try a Yoga Class with us as your next destination!