Latin Social Dancing

Sharing the “Latin Dance” Passion

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Dance Redefined!

For the ultimate in fun and fitness, look no further than dance! It’s one of the oldest art-forms and it comes packed with an incredible number of health benefits.

All our body-parts, the muscles and bones, as well as the organs are guaranteed a tune up like no other. We can expect better body function in every way, from balance to strength to cardio-respiratory function. Endorphins, the feel-good hormones, are secreted as we consume the calories, and these make for a fun fitness experience which make a dance workout feel more like a party rather than exercise.

Another great thing about dance is the social aspect. It’s the perfect way to foster social connectivity between people while at the same time improving quality of life from a physical standpoint.

Dance is an expression of emotion, especially joy; it really does not feel much like exercise! For many, it’s the perfect way to connect with others while giving their body the benefits it needs.

Seduced by Salsa!

Salsa dance. It’s sexy but not sizzling, summery yet not sweaty but is sensational when done properly! It’s a perfect sequence of spins, sashays, swings and smiles that speak of a Latin summer by the beach. It is actually a mix of various Latin dances albeit primarily of Cuban influence.

Bring on Bachata!

Bachata is a dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. Being slower, closer and more intimate than Salsa, it’s perfect for those who prefer unhurried movements but like the sway of the hips as great way to condition the core.

Make it Merengue!

Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic though it is also common in Haiti which shares the Island. The typical South American hip sway is very evident in Merengue though the tempo can vary from leisurely to lightning speed, depending on the dance and the experience of the participants. With Merengue you can enjoy the genre’ yet progress with the pace as you become more familiar with the dance.

Learn more about our Latin Dance Instructors, Inessa Strelnikova and Sergei Kirichenko.