Aerial Yoga

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What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a total body workout that combines Yoga poses, Pilates movements and Aerial Circus influences to help the client more easily access postures and inversions. These movements, which could be difficult on the ground, are facilitated with the aid of the Aerial Yoga hammock. 

The benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga leads to a stronger back and core. It enables weightless decompression of the spine, which may assist with back pain and help lengthen the space between the vertebrae. In addition to swinging and hanging upside down in several poses, the constant suspension engages core muscles much more than a traditional “grounded” yoga practice. The result can be feelings of ease and relaxation within the body; increased strength, balance and flexibility; and improved overall mood,

The history of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga was developed about 10 years ago in New York and has quickly spread across the globe, due to its accessibility and playful qualities. Clients, in their very first class, find themselves accessing deeper stretches and inversions previously unattainable to them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aerial Yoga

Is Aerial Yoga Good for Beginners?

Even if you are just starting your fitness journey, aerial yoga can be a great option. There are many styles, allowing you to find the one that works best for you and lets you enjoy the benefits it provides. The hammock offers support to help make the poses easier or more challenging, depending on how you use them. With the close one-on-one guidance and support from our instructors, anyone can do it.

Is Aerial Yoga A Good Workout?

In aerial yoga, gravity is pulling on your body more than it would if you were on the ground. This causes your muscles to work harder to keep you balanced and suspended, and provides an excellent core strengthening workout. An aerial yoga class can also exercise your mind by helping you to focus and de-stress.

What Are the Health Benefits of Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is part cardio, part flexibility, and part strength training. It works out your entire body and provides fantastic benefits, including:

  • Improved lung function, making breathing easier
  • Back pain relief, decompression, and better spinal health
  • Heightened cognitive abilities
  • A stronger core and healthier digestive system
  • Flexibility and improved range of motion
  • Stress relief and easing of general aches and pains
  • More energy and fewer lethargic symptoms

Can You Lose Weight Doing Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga does have the potential to trim your waistline. Achieving the poses while elevated causes your body to work harder to keep you stable and balanced. Every muscle is activated, giving you a full-body workout. In aerial yoga classes, it is possible to burn over 400 calories in one hour.

Where Can I Learn Aerial Yoga in Toronto?

Sign up for a class at Alka’s Total Fitness. We provide personalized, safe, and effective yoga classes in Toronto so you can explore each style and find what suits you best. We want to see each person succeed, achieve their goals, and live their healthiest life. If you are interested in trying, call us! We’ve saved a spot for you in our next class.

What you need to know before you come to an Aerial Yoga class

Please be advised of the following considerations when coming to class:

  • Wear fitted clothing. Pants should extend below the knee.  Fitted tops with sleeves are advised but not required. 
  • Do not wear clothing with zippers, buttons, studs or anything else that protrudes.
  • No jewellery while in the silks!

This is for your safety as well as the maintenance of the silk fabric.