zumba-classesIntroducing “Zing” in your life can be fun!

And to boot, there are many benefits for your physical health!

Zumba trends highly on the wish-list of ways to wellness.

1. Zumba develops strength and prevents back pain!

All those great Zumba moves encompassing upper and lower body will build your arm and leg strength. Zumba’s infusion of pelvic movements will tone your tummy and build your back muscles. A “tight core” lessens your chances of developing back pain. So much of our work is computer based and that slouch that often results from poor posture can predispose you to back ache. So much of the Zumba experience is great back and abdominal toning and it’s the perfect tool to counteract this problem. Computers and deskwork are virtually unavoidable for most of us, but thanks to Zumba there’s a great way to minimize or even prevent the damage!

Jocelyn-ogaz-zumba-instructor2. Zumba benefits bones!

All the great Zumba moves that build muscle also stimulate the body to lay down bone tissue. Beyond a certain age our bones loose density which predisposes us to Osteoporosis. But this can be prevented and reversed with exercise. We can celebrate the fun of Zumba while enjoying all the bone benefits! Zumba builds our bones into the dense, solid frame which we need for quality of life and for staving off bone shrinkage.

3. Build heart health and lung power with Zumba!

Moving to Latin tunes makes the world of difference to the heart and lungs. The energy of Zumba works wonders for blood circulation and breathing. Let the pump of Zumba stimulate you to exercise that much harder and take your heart health and lung power to the next level.

4. Zumba improves our daily life and slows aging!

As we move beyond youth our metabolism slows and we loose muscle and bone mass. The 30-somethings, while still in the peak of health, are on that cusp where things change. In the long run this compromises our quality of life and hastens the aging process. The muscle and bone mass nurtured by Zumba is invaluable. It ensures maximum muscle and bone mass before the decline sets in and also minimizes the shrinkage when it does occur.

zumba-karen-alkas-total-fitness5. What’s so special about Zumba?

Zumba is an all encompassing workout blending Latin dance moves into a fitness class. Imagine a fitness class with mardi gras moves and music yet moulded into the general structure of an aerobics class. The spirit will move you as you dance your way to outstanding health. There is no better way to dance and have fun yet get fit at the same time.

Alkas Total Fitness for Zumba!!

For that total Zumba workout, Alkas Total Fitness is the destination of choice! Situated at Yonge and Steeles in easy reach of York region and the north end of Toronto, you can Zoom into Zumba with the best! Our Zumba fitness instructors, Jocelyn Ogaz and Karen Lao are passionate about sharing their complete combination of zip, zoom and zest, with Zumba.

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