fitness-reverse-agingDoes Fitness Reverse Aging?

As we get older this familiar refrain becomes more annoying to answer. Forget the calendar, driver’s license, birth certificate and passport! Your body’s health status reflects your true age!

I call this your fitness age. The passage of time mirrors the slow (and sometimes not so slow) deterioration of the body and mind. So we can argue that by addressing these variables we can slow down the aging process. In essence we’d be keeping younger for longer.

There are many markers that determine one’s health:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Joint health
  • Bone mass
  • Cardiovascular capacity
  • Lean body mass (muscle)
  • Organ and associated function health
  • Mental/Intellectual functioning

The aging process can cause many different changes for the worse in the human body. However, there are options to slow and even reverse this process!

Is there a sure way of reversing the aging process?

The answer is an unqualified yes! And in every department, mental and physical! We all have a maximum capacity for our body systems during every stage in our lives. Unfortunately self-neglect, the environment and yes, sometimes luck, will compromise our situation.

By taking control of our lifestyles we can make a difference!

There are many approaches to achieve this. Interval Training for example, has a tremendous impact on the lungs and heart, as well as all the associated blood vessels. The continuously varying intensity is never boring, requires no equipment, is adaptable to all participant levels and is a great consumer of calories. It can also be completed in a short time period so your daily routine will not be disturbed. (Mayo Clinic)

For those who prefer longer continuous low intensity workouts, they are a great way to target fat cells. Shrinking these respond best to the type of exercise. (

In all instances you will look younger if you:

  • Rebuild muscle mass (Muscle is the first body tissue to succumb to inactivity and aging)
  • Hasten return to a positive lifestyle since muscle is the first body tissue to respond to exercise!
  • Have a greater capacity to do the things you like to do
  • Have greater independence
  • Nurture more confidence within yourself
  • Build stronger bones, as muscles strengthen they stimulate bone density.
  • Burn calories since big muscles consume calories by simply being there!
  • Speed up your metabolism

Clearly there are many great possibilities! Powerwalking, skiing, swimming, running, fitness classes to name a few. There is something that works for everybody. At Alka’s Total Fitness we have the option of Cardio Kickboxing classes. This combines the social fitness class environment with activity that covers everything – cardiovascular, muscle mass and calorie burn.

Physical activity also stimulates us mentally. I know for myself I am far sharper after a workout! By stimulating our minds with regular blood flow to the nervous system as well as by stimulating ourselves mentally (Do I hear learning a new language or musical instrument? Reading?) We can make a difference. Importantly, exercise is a great de-stressor. Chronic tension negatively affects all the body’s systems . Many feel it is a killer! Mental health is as important as physical health.

So let’s address everything that accelerates the wear and tear on our bodies and helps keep illness at bay. I.e. Good nutrition, social interaction and activity. We can do this with just one thing, exercise! There are many enjoyable forms of exercise.

Grow younger, now!

It does not take much incentive. Those extra movements, that extra effort, those extra calories burned all make for those extra good years of life! If Alka’s Cardio Kickboxing classes are part of your plan, we’d love to share your journey!

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