working-women-success-time-managmentIn the working world success depends on dependability, accountability and commitment. As women with goals, we know that group dynamics make the difference. Exercising together is no different, it amplifies the chances of achieving your fitness goals. The American College of Sport Medicine states clearly what we at Alka’s Total Fitness have always known…

“The social and fun environment of group exercise is perfect to motivate you to do more than you would do on your own. Accountability ensures you are diligent and persevere to reach that goal. Boredom, often a cause for withdrawal from an exercise routine, is not a problem with Group Fitness.”

Knowing the great body benefits of Group Fitness, we have made group exercise the backbone of our path to wellness. Work, family, time commitments…., these exist. Taking the first step to fitness is frequently the most difficult, and we at Alka’s Total Fitness know that! We know that women appreciate that extra attention from a real person. Whether you are a single mom, climbing the corporate ladder, upgrading your academic skill set or combination thereof, you are working with the best if you make us your partner, we’ll help you make the difference in your life.

If this is my first time working out, HOW can I feel that “Get-up-and-Go”?

trx-group-fitness-classesTry Group Fitness classes! The motivational spirit of our upbeat instructors is felt by all and will fast forward you to your next fitness level. As working women often with family distractions, we know that teamwork and encouragement are great reinforcers to keep us on track. Group fitness will keep you coming back for another opportunity to reconnect with new friends, de-stress and share your successes. Family and work responsibilities may be the source of fatigue and distraction. However, the invigorating effect of group exercise will make the change.

Enjoyment as a group provides for far greater fulfillment. Recognizing that the corporate and fitness world have a lot in common, inclusion is integrated in our culture as a successful boutique facility. If you haven’t yet done so, come find out why! We welcome woman whose work, family, and other responsibilities may be a distraction to looking after “number 1”. Our many group fitness classes will provide that lift and encouragement!

“When you are part of an inspirational, effective and like-minded group, your journey to achievement is faster.”

The American College of Sport Medicine has stressed the importance of variety, accessing a host of exercise genre’s will reinforce commitment. At Alka’s Total Fitness, we are proud to offer a large variety of group exercise options, from Zumba to Yoga to Cardio Kick-boxing, Pilates and TRX. Whether it’s the Zoom of Zumba, the Kick in Cardio Kick-boxing or the spirit, focus and energy of any of the other classes, you’ll find that push that you need.

I am a woman in my early 50’s and my doctor has warned me about Osteoporosis. Will Group Fitness Classes help BUILD bone mass?

build-bone-and-muscle-massBeyond question! Muscle mass and bone growth are part and parcel of the body’s response to exercise. You can also expect cardiovascular improvements as the elevated heart rate, increased blood flow and deeper respiration become a habit. Body benefits of exercise speak to both men and women. But for women, we are specifically here to help you, be it the changes that occur during life’s various decades or simply the need to connect you with a regular body tune-up – we can make the difference. Many of our classes (Yoga, Zumba, Pilates…) are traditionally favoured by women and we are proud to offer them.

We appreciate that single parenthood, corporate commitments, educational endeavors can sap your time, strength and energy. Women often neglect themselves due to their extensive caregiving responsibilities and work. This need not be. With our extensive group fitness classes, we can make the change you need.

When exercising alone you are more likely to feel the aches and strain that sometimes comes with exertion. As a group participant you will focus on the fun aspect. The enthusiasm of your friends is a great way to bypass those elements that can take the fun out of working out. It’s a win-win way to reach your goals, make friends and make a habit of working out. People naturally gravitate to a social environment, and if bettering your body is part of it, so much the better!

Will Group Fitness classes help me de-stress and manage my time commitments better?

You bet! Our variety of classes, our schedules and instructors are totally geared to your needs. We know our members may be single parents and have work schedules to attend to other commitments. Our team members are mindful of the individual’s need to de-stress, shed a few calories, reinforce our body’s shape, build stamina or provide that boost to prep ourselves physically and mentally for everything that our busy lives dish out. Managing our families, work meetings and commuting are time consumers. But an organized 1-hour class encompassing everything you need for a complete workout, is a great way to respect your time, yet include a total body workout. Solo exercise is usually just a run, cycle or some other singular activity – it’s rarely complete.

“With Alka’s Total Fitness schedule you’ll get to do it all: de-stress, exercise, manage your time and hang out with like-minded motivated individuals!”

Our class schedule is designed to suit everyone, offering a myriad of different classes at many different times. You will absolutely find one to tempt you when your schedule allows! The varied focus of our many classes ensure you will find something that resonates, and the fun of group work will amplify all the good things our classes offer. We are conveniently located just north of Steeles on Yonge, perfect for that drop in class between meetings, family errands and other commitments. Lots of free parking in a chic new mall are on our doorstep!


Alka Sharma and TRX Client

Will I receive personal attention in a Group Fitness Class?

From the top down, Alka’s Total Fitness is about personal attention. Alka Sharma is a people person as are all her team members. Attending our group classes means being surrounded by like-minded friends, but our personal touch means that you are always someone special. We welcome you to be part of our community of stress kicking, muscle and bone building bodies! We are a sociable and interactive yet goal-setting group. We welcome those women who already have exercise in their busy schedules as well as those who plan to put it there – we are there to help!

“Hesitation is a lost opportunity! With our special offers you are sure to find a special package that fits your personal needs and time commitments.”

If all you would like is just to stop by and say hello, we’d be happy to show you around and answer your questions. Our highly visible convenient location near Steeles and Yonge is close to all commercial centres at the north end of Toronto, and the Markham/Vaughan area. Drop by, we look forward to chatting!

At Alka’s Total Fitness we are mindful of everyone’s circumstances and can adapt all routines and exercises accordingly. You can rest assured, we’re committed to your success and this is reflected in all our supportive team members. They are educated in exercise and fitness and take pride in ensuring the group gets maximum benefit. However, we acknowledge that everything begins with the individual, something you will note from the first time you visit us. We are a community of individuals who aim to be the best we can! Let us be part of your success story!

Yours in health!
Alka and the team!


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