mixed-martial-arts-and-cardio-kick-boxingLet us dispel any notion that MMA is strictly the male domain! Even when the pros pair up and mix-it-up competitively, ladies comprise 35% of the audience. That spirit of give-it-a-go has pervaded the workout routine and women welcome the opportunity to combine those same movements in their sweat out.

Gone are the days where women are considered meek and retiring. Asserting their womanliness with a resounding roar, is the way of 21st century. And this is not changing anytime soon. Nor should it!

What is Cardio Kickboxing?

Cardio Kickboxing is a combination of aerobic fitness, boxing and mixed martial arts. While no physical contact is made with other participants, the steps, punches, kicks and thrusts are straight from MMA fight routines.

Why are women switching to Cardio Kickboxing?

Perhaps there’s a hidden sexiness in it, it could be that subtle edgy aura of aggression it provokes, but MMA routines have pervaded and even replaced the traditionally Jane Fonda-esque aerobics type workouts. Clearly this wink to the man’s domain has piqued the curiosity of women and this is reflected in the immense popularity that has resulted.

More specifically:

It builds core strength – The abdomen and back muscles of the torso are the key to a healthy back and a stable platform for arm/leg use. The firmness in this area that results from this activity are a fun way to ensure strength and stability in this often neglected body-part.

It fine-tunes coordination – Some exercise types fail to combine the body’s nervous, skeletal and muscular systems to a smooth singular operating entity quite the way Cardio Kickboxing does. It’s “all inclusive” nature combining many body systems, is an excellent medium to achieve this.

It builds confidence – The sheer physicality of this exercise, albeit easily adjusted to the participant’s level, generates a wonderful sense of well being. This is a key element in motivation and enhances longevity in participation.

Discipline develops – It does take some mind-over-matter to do the job. Not for everyone is this second nature. However, the team spirit and fun factor associated with Cardio Kickboxing, enhance one’s positive feelings to exercise. In time, self discipline when it comes to sweating it out, becomes easier.

Fitness level increases – Fitness and female begin with the same letter, so why not?! All body systems respond positively to activity, even mental alertness. Regular exercise is great for stimulating the brain as well as the body. The objective of any active person is to keep as young as possible as long as possible!

Self-defence – Truth be told, not everyone out there is an angel. So if your body and reflexes are tuned in to protect you, so much the better! Mixed Martial Arts routines are movement specific to enable those who exercise with it, to respond effectively if called upon.

Stress relief – Exercise is a positive outlet for pent up nervous energy. The typical 1 hour class composed of kicks, punches and overall workout associated with this routine is ideal to dial down the stress level.

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