capoeria-fitnessTotal Fitness Body Workout is the ultimate exercise.

It means physical as well as mental well-being.

With a Total Fitness Body Workout, you will feel lighter having shed the extra pounds, but also feel lighter in spirit from such a great workout.

All Total Fitness Body Workouts use the upper extremity.

trx-total-resistanceWhether it’s the controlled intensity of TRX resistance work, the arm weight bearing routines of Capoeira, the brisk repeats of Zumba or Yoga’s myriad of arm-involved poses, the participant will benefit.

Each discipline loads the upper limb in its own way. Without a doubt, one or more of these will work for you and get your arms in the best shape they have ever been.

The Core of the Issue


The foundation for any workout is a strong core, the person’s torso – more specifically, the abdominals and back musculature. Instructors for all these disciplines stress the inclusion of stomach and back strength. No workout would be complete without it.

Pilates and Yoga are by their very nature core strength activities. Others such as TRX and Capoeira require it and develop it as part of the process. Zumba is famous for its South American flavour. As per it’s Latin origins, the pelvis is the base of virtually all Zumba movements. Back and abdominal control are part and parcel of this power package!

The Workout is LEG-endary

Zumba with its brisk dynamic movements, Capoeira and TRX with their slow controlled sequences and Yoga with it’s hold-the-pose positioning, make for leg workouts second to none. Each of these challenge the lower extremity in their own unique way. The muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons all respond by becoming stronger and bigger. Stronger legs make for greater quality of life in all of life’s phases. Greater ability in the earlier years and middle age; and in the elderly, assuring longer independence, lower extremity strength is essential.

Total Body Fitness Workout – Mental and Physical blended

The comprehensive workout covered by all these disciplines will unleash the power in your lungs, blast more strength into your muscles and bones and also oil the joints. A Total Fitness Body Workout makes for the complete person – relaxed, strong, healthy and youthful.

The complete picture of the Total Fitness Workout is here!

dreamstime_l_40759181Lets get physical while mixing in mental well-being. Mental and spiritual peace are a natural result of a great workout. Yoga, TRX and Pilates in particular are rooted in mental focus. So you are assured of a mind-body blend which makes for a truly complete picture – a Total Fitness Body Workout.

Whether it’s the vibrancy of Zumba, the focused intensity of Cardio Kickboxing or TRX, the powered precision of, the controlled strength of Pilates or the focused physicality of Restorative Yoga, there is a workout for you which takes you to that Total Fitness Body Workout.

And here’s where it’s at

The benefits of a Total Fitness Body Workout are available at Alka Sharma’s fitness studio in Thornhill.

Take a miss on the mundane!

Instead step up to Pilates, TRX (Total Resistance Exercise), Zumba, Capoeira, Cardio Kickboxing, or Yoga. Pending at one location, you will find the Total Fitness Body Workout.

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