Toned body after kickboxingCardio Kickboxing has become a popular workout and a great way to get in shape. Kickboxing burns fat. After doing  just an hour of cardio, you can burn an average of up to 500-600 calories.

A fast way to burn calories

If your kickboxing class is high intensity, you can burn up to 1000 calories. WOW!

Cardio kickboxing is a calorie buster, sculpting your muscles while burning between 400-500 calories per hour because the heart rate is elevated in the fat-burning and cardio process.

Tone your legs and butt muscles quickly

Many women are turning to kickboxing because they find that it brings great results while toning their legs and butt muscles. It’s not only amazing for strengthening legs and butt muscles, but it’s also a great cardio exercise that will boost weight loss like no other exercise can.

Every woman can benefit from a martial arts type of workout, not only because it teaches crucial self-defense techniques, but because (as statistics show) more people are investing their time in Cardio Kickboxing for its ability to quickly give them excellent results: they look and feel great, and lose weight faster than with their other workout routines.

It is amazing how an art form such as kickboxing can help transform a person’s physical appearance. For example, when overweight beginners join the class they might seem a little ‘soft’ and they might be unable to keep up with the pace of the class. But in less than a month, the same person projects a stronger, leaner, toned look. They are fit and confident.

While participating in kickboxing classes over time, you will continue to notice these positive changes to your appearance. As you focus on moves such as striking with the legs, kneeing, kicking and jumping, your legs are constantly involved in dynamic movements which provide outstanding benefits such as:

• increased strength
• increased self- confidence
• toned legs
• toned butt
• toned arms
• better balance
• knowledge of self defense
• improved weight loss

You will finally experience an explosive power within you while executing kickboxing moves.

What Are Your Next Steps?

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