Cardio kickboxing and toned muscles

We all have our favourite workouts at the gym, sticking to the same old drills day after day.

Although there is nothing wrong in doing so, our bodies aren’t challenged when we adhere to the same routine. To keep a workout enjoyable, it’s a good idea to mix in different kinds of activities that are fun, challenging and give a high intensity workout.

Why not try Cardio Kickboxing? It’s energizing, challenging and a great stress reliever too!

Just by throwing some kicks and punches you’ll begin to see results and feel a new, invigorating energy. Adding Cardio Kickboxing to any workout gives your fitness routine a new, dynamic twist. Once you start, your #1 workout will transform into 2 benefits – a toned, lean body and increased endurance.

What is Cardio Kickboxing?

Cardio Kickboxing is a combination of karate-type kicks with the punching techniques of boxing. Combining the two disciplines will give you explosive results to your upper and lower body. In addition, you are having fun and meeting new friends while working on building stamina.

Here are few examples of Cardio Kickboxing techniques

PUNCHING – Great Cardio and toned  upper body

The punching part of the workout includes the jab punch and hook punch. These combinations tone your upper arms, shoulders and chest. It is recommended that you spend 2 to 5 minutes which will get your heart rate pumping as you increase the speed and length of time performing these punches.

KICKING – Great Cardio and sculpted legs

There are three basic primary kicks to start with. These are the front kick, side-kick and round house kick. After performing multiple sets of these kicks, you’ll quickly see the benefits of Cardio Kickboxing. You’ll soon develop strong balance while developing toned leg muscles.


Your body core includes lower back muscles and abs. They all get a workout by punching and kicking. However, a full cardio kickboxing workout should include strengthening your abdominal and full back muscles. Building the core will help your movements get better and sharper while increasing stamina and toning your body.


The combination of performing high intensity kickboxing and using each muscle group provides the following benefits: increases full body tone, builds endurance and speeds up metabolism.

With a Cardio Kickboxing workout, it will not take long for you to see your body transforming right before your eyes.

What Are Your Next Steps?

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