Bringing Yoga, Dance and Pilates together.

barre-belleMake way for Barre Belle!

It’s all the rage, an exercise routine in a class setting that combines elements of Yoga, Dance and Pilates.

It makes for an outstanding all round workout that sharpens your focus, shapes you and sheds those unwanted calories. In time to come it will be available right here in the north Toronto area.

One of the biggest challenges in exercise routines is core strength. This is the inherent firmness in our back and abdomen that maintains our shape and acts as a firm base for all leg and arm routines. Lose this and the quality of our leg-lifts, bicep curls etc, are compromised. So it’s great when a workout routine emerges that zones in on core strength, but includes our arms and legs and has the aesthetic appeal and the group aspect that speaks to all conditioning levels.

Barre Belle Targets Correct Posture

Many aches and pains are sourced from poor posture – computer and other desk-work, slouching while sitting and standing are major contributors. But Barre Belle is a workout that specifically targets correct posture. Muscles that maintain proper positioning are specifically incorporated into routines. A Barre Belle workout is exactly that, a workout with the invaluable bonus of  keeping us in shape – literally!

In addition, the ballistic movements often typical of other routines are absent with Barre Belle. Everything is controlled and adaptable. Novice participants can rest assured, everything is manageable, especially under the watchful eye of a knowledgeable instructor. The constant change in ongoing movements ensures that there’s also a cardiovascular component. In fact, because these routines vary in intensity, there’s an element of Interval Training which amplifies the heart and lung response to exercise.

Barre Belle Helps Keep Osteoporosis at Bay

Much of Barre Belle is weight bearing which helps keep Osteoporosis at bay. By interspersing standing and mat routines no body-parts are overworked. Yet the joints and muscles all benefit in fresh easy to follow routines. Sometimes hand-weights are included to mix things up a bit and accelerate the body’s response. Yet focusing the mind to ensure proper form may be Barre Belle’s greatest feature. It nurtures focus without being crazy intense.

For many, making exercise a habit is difficult. But Barre Belle is catchy and it’s easy to like. As a motivating and knowledgeable instructor I will have perfected this combination and hope to offer it to my friends. My background in dance as well as exercise is second to none, so Barre Belle and I are a natural fit.

Barre Belle could well make the defining difference for you! It’s new, it’s growing and coming your way!

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