HIIT - High Intensity Interval TrainingHIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – it’s more than a pleasant surprise.

Boredom is the bane of many a budding exercising wannabe. In fact it’s probably one of the biggest obstacles to getting in shape and staying in shape. Interval Training is a great way to offset boredom! How? The pace is always changing. This means that regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you will stay dialed in! My experience with Interval Training is, time flies! Routines simply finish much quicker!

You won’t need any special equipment. Whether you walk, run, row or cycle, you can adapt the routine and achieve the results you want.

What is Interval Training?

Simply put, Interval Training involves bouts of exercise of different intensities with set periods of recovery. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, as well as the length of the recovery, interval training can be extremely taxing, or relatively easy – which speaks to its versatility and how accessible it is to everyone, yet helps top flight athletes achieve their maximal potential.

What is its reputation?

Interval Training is one of the most favoured forms of conditioning among active people and athletes of all levels. Its effectiveness has been recognized and implemented by active people and trainers universally. But its benefits in a tamer form for Jane and Joe anybody are tremendous and not to be ignored. In fact it’s accurate to say it’s one of the finest ways that virtually anybody can up their workout routines and maximize their health.

What are the benefits of Interval Training?

The variance in intensity of Interval Training is vast. It is easily adapted to our regular activities (run, cycle or even walk) and to our own needs and fitness level. We simply spice up our usual routines with alternate periods of higher intensity and recovery. Compared to national athletes our gains will be more modest, but we will acquire valuable health benefits nonetheless.

Professional athletes use it at a high intensity level during the off season and preseason to prepare their cardiovascular systems and energy systems (how the body fuels itself during exercise). These body adaptations take longer than muscular conditioning so preparation occurs long before the “in” season. The intensity and recovery mimics the needs of the particular sport (e.g. On/off shifts in Ice Hockey, rallies with rest periods in squash…) These athletes could have workouts with extremely high intensity (depending on the sport) and certainly limited recovery. The nature of what they do clearly necessitates very challenging routines.

What are the advantages?

Interval training has many advantages. It enables a large amount of caloric consumption in a relatively short amount of time. This would take a lot longer with continuous exercise.

Some active people require a maximal effort as part of their workout. While this is not an essential part of Interval Training, it can absolutely be included if so desired.

Continuous exercise is by its very nature sub-maximal. So maximal intensities cannot be achieved with it. With interval training maximal or near-maximal intensity is achieved because of the rest periods. Because rest periods are often limited, it really is a great way to train the body’s recovery as well. Clearly, this is a great way to nurture excellent health among the general population.
As an example, due to the conditioning you will get from Interval Training you should be able to do your regular exercise longer or with more intensity. Imagine finishing the distance you usually cover in your 60-minute walk, in 45 minutes — or the additional calories you’ll burn by keeping up the faster pace for the full 60 minutes.

Incorporating HIIT with Cardio Kickboxing Routines

It’s the perfect way to add variety to your exercise routine, yet get the most out of it. It’s used widely by coaches of top athletes the world over. But you can benefit as well.



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