Flat tummyA flat tummy and tight butt are key to having a sexy looking body.

Building a smoking hot physique requires a lot more than doing a few exercises. FAT LOSS is key to having a sexy looking body. But be forewarned, doing thousands of repetitions of Glute and Ab exercises is useless if the muscles are layered with excess fat which covers up all the hard work you have done. Start losing the fat if you want to see a flat tummy and tight butt. Don’t neglect these areas, do persevere with resistance exercise that targets the butt and abs and be sure to have a healthy reduced calorie diet.

Do I really have to do Aerobic Exercise?

It is vital that you include Aerobic Exercise or Cardio Kickboxing to peel off the excess fat. A solid 30 to 45 minutes of power walking or jogging is ideal. It’s the perfect low to moderate intensity workout that enables the body to lose the fat by metabolizing it as a fuel. Cardio Kickboxing is also a great option. It’s a good sweat, loaded with fun and friends and good cheer, the perfect way to lose the extra layers of lard!

Are there different kinds of fat?

Yes! We can categorize body fat depending on where it is found. Visceral fat is located deep in the abdomen where it surrounds internal organs. It is dangerous because it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease- themeasuring-belly-fat leading cause of death in women over 35. Women store fat in thighs, hips, buttocks but tend to have increased the risk of visceral fat as they age.

What exercises will reduce this fat and give me a tight butt and firm tummy!

Aerobic exercise and Cardio Kickboxing classes are better than resistance training for losing visceral fat because it actually metabolizes this fat as a fuel source no matter how deep it is in the body. Resistance exercise on the other hand directly affects superficial body fat. It tones muscles which reduce the negative look of the surrounding fatty layer lying between the muscle and the skin. Result? That firm tummy and tight butt will reappear!

Which exercises are best to shape that tight butt?

The gluteal muscles give the butt it’s shape and it’s important to do exercises that target them directly. They come into play when we power ourselves uphill, climb stairs, squat down and lunge acrossget-a-tight-butt to reach for something. Butt shaping activities include power walking or running especially where hills are incorporated. In the gym include squats and lunge routines. These can be reinforced by holding dumbbells which will add resistance.

How do I forge a flat tummy?

There are many exercises. Crunches are popular but it’s important to include variations such as a twist to ensure you address all layers of the abdominal musculature. Lying flat and lowering and raising your straight legs in a controlled fashion is great too. Curling up your knees to your tummy while hanging from the monkey bars is an outstanding but advanced choice. Pilates is also a great option. Under the supervision of an instructor, all you need is your imagination to take tummy toning to the next level.

So getting a firm butt and a tight tummy is a 2 part solution?

Yes, we need to do two things, shrink the outside fat layer and tone the inside muscles layer. Unfortunately, we can’t choose exactly where we reduce fat. The body does so automatically. However, as our workouts progress, fat shrinkage is reflected everywhere.

Remember to do prolonged low-intensity cardiovascular exercise i.e. Brisk walk, slow jog. This keeps the heart rate elevated at a suitable rate for at least 30 to 45 minutes – the ideal fat burn zone.

Sooner or later fat loss will include all those areas that we are targeting such as the flat tummy and tight butt. Butt busting and tummy toning resistance work will take care of the inner layer – that tight butt and firm tummy.


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