Tighten butt muscles with Cardio KickboxingCardio Kickboxing is ideal for getting rid of butt fat. And if it’s done regularly as part of one’s lifestyle, this should be permanent.

Cardio Kickboxing combines movements that target the butt muscles (the glutes) while keeping the heart rate elevated for a good hour. Movements such as butt kicks and jump back kicks (any lunging type movement) target these muscles specifically. So while having fun, doing cardiovascular fat burning exercise and targeted butt firming leg movements, it’s the perfect combination!

Butt reduction ranks at the top of the workout wish list! Defined abs, lean waist, stronger arms all count, but transforming that butt is considered by many, to be a necessity.

Here’s the challenge to spot reduction!

Unfortunately getting rid of butt fat (spot reduction) directly is not an option. We cannot, short of liposuction; choose where we lose our body fat. With exercise the body does use fat as an energy source, however for this we must opt for prolonged cardiovascular exercise. Dispersed 10 minute bursts of exercise, for example, will prompt the body to use other energy sources (glycogen, actually stored in the muscles) rather than fat. You and I have to set aside the time to raise our heart rate, breath rapidly, and keep going for at least 45 minutes to an hour, to activate the body’s fat reserves. The body will then decide where to shrink the fat cells. It could be in your face, your arms, legs, or if you’re in luck, your buttock, that responds first.

If you are like me, the butt is indeed “at the back” i.e. the last on the body’s “lose-it” list when it comes to shrinking body fat. Cardiovascular exercise is useful, but not on its own, a solution.

What about firming up your buttocks?

The buttock is actually made up of layers of muscle which lie deep to the fat layer. It is primarily the large glute muscles which lie just beneath the fat, that provide most of the shape and firmness of that region. By contracting these against resistance we can firm up these muscles, just like we would with any other muscle. “Resistance work”, as we call it, will absolutely reduce that area’s inherent softness, replacing it with firmer muscle tissue. The best news is this method is absolutely area specific! We are able to focus as needed on the butt.

Is this a 2 part solution?

Oh yes it is! To reduce butt fat we have to do 2 things. Reduce the outer fat layer as much as possible, and firm up the underlying muscle. An ideal activity would combine the continuous cardiovascular and resistance components. Cardio Kickboxing is ideal for busting butt fat!

What’s the big picture?

It is essential to have nutritious and healthy eating habits. Limiting caloric intake to realistic needs and in particular excluding junk-food will make a difference. One need not starve, but basing one’s meals on healthy selections and quantities will complement one’s exercise regimen. As a bonus, regular exercise builds muscle. Muscle is very high metabolic tissue, which means just by “being there”, it draws on energy stores and burns calories. And the denser and larger muscle is the more calories it burns even if you are passive!

What can I do on my own to get rid of butt fat?

Aside from good nutrition and doing Cardio Kickboxing routines at least 3x per week, you can spend a few minutes per day to do some simple exercises.

• Lie face down on a stability ball with your hands and feet on the floor. Raise your legs alternately so they are parallel with the floor. Do 2 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

• Do squats. Keeping a balanced position with feet shoulder width apart, lower yourself down as far as is comfortable. If you have healthy knees, you can drop all the way down. Do 2 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

• Use the stairs!

“Getting rid of but fat is doable. Cardio Kickboxing is the perfect combination of cardiovascular exercise with butt-targeted movements. It is a great activity for general health, but particularly for those of us who want to do some serious butt fat busting!

What Are Your Next Steps?

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