Extra hidden benefits of Cardio KickboxingPeople are generally familiar with the benefits of Cardio Kickboxing. These are the hidden benefits of what is already general knowledge to the active layperson. However, they are many pluses not always obvious. In these instances the health benefits are simply unknown except to the health care professional who is immersed in exercise and sport medicine. What you are about to learn will surprise you!

What are the “EXTRA” benefits of weight loss and Cardio Kickboxing?

Exercise is associated with weight loss and calorie consumption, this is something that most everybody knows. However, weight loss and calorie consumption is not something that happens only while you exercise. As a bonus the body’s recovery process keeps utilizing calories after the workout ends.

Not only that, but exercise builds muscle and the added muscle mass you gain from Kickboxing consumes calories even at rest long after the workout has ended and the body has recovered. It is clear that a given workout has an ongoing and prolonged effect on the body. No magic here, that’s just human physiology at work! The more you exercise, the greater the cumulative effect!

What about preventing osteoporosis? Did you know that Cardio Kickboxing can help with this too?

You bet it does! The positive stress on your body will strengthen the muscles (as mentioned) but strong muscles also mean strong bones! The muscles that contract during kickboxing pull on the bones to which they attach. These bones are stimulated to lay down more bone tissue. This means greater protection from osteoporosis and fractures from falls and other accidents.

Thanks to exercise such as Cardio Kickboxing other related soft tissues such as tendons (which attach to muscles) as well as ligaments (which connect bones) also get stronger. The movements performed during your class will enhance your balance, help you focus mentally, and crank up your general sense of well-being to the next level. It’s double-dipping of the best kind – greater resistance to loss of balance and greater body resilience to injury should these falls occur!

Cardio Kickboxing works wonders for the digestion as well as the brain. How?

Exercise directly stimulates digestion. Vigorous movement helps things ”move along” which means the body expels what it needs to, and stimulates the urge to eat and drink the right foods.

An exercised body makes for a healthier home for the brain which is, literally, the nerve center of the entire entity! The healthy brain then does a better job at “operating the entire system”. Kickboxing undoubtedly makes for a healthy home for the “chief operating system” and biologists have come to realize that body systems respond positively to one another, the result being that the entire person simply becomes healthier. Synergy at its best!

One important consideration is that the participant must rehydrate properly. Water is the best source followed by quality health drinks. By weight 65% of the adult body is water, in the case of the brain it goes up to 77%. Water intake is a vital aspect of the body–exercise combination and must not be neglected.

What about nutrition? Does Cardio Kickboxing help suppress undesirable cravings?

Yes it is true that exercise is an appetite stimulant. However, healthy active people will agree that the post exercise body craves sensible food – a meal that is nutritious and balanced. Comfort and snacking food, as we politely call it, are associated with boredom, habit and stress, not exercise!

One of the best ways to suppress those undesirable cravings is Cardio Kickboxing. It will steer you towards the nutrition we truly require. We will automatically avoid the pseudo food that pack on the empty calories and associated weight gain.

Surround yourself by the Cardio Kickboxing community. They are like-minded people whose diet reflects their commitment to wellness. When your peers are on the same page as you, weight loss the right way with the ideal to achieve that realistic body is far easier. Choose to put yourself in that great environment. Lose the excess yet win with the winning team.

To find out more information about the benefits of losing weight while Cardio Kickboxing, please check out our other blog about how Kickboxing is an Outstanding Way to Lose Weight.

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