cardio-kickboxing-and-weight-lossWeight loss is often a challenge. Weight loss in a fun way is even more challenging! However, the good news is it need not be. We can dispel the thought that boring strenuous exercise in combination with starvation rations is the only way to drop the pounds. Why?

Firstly, what are the “basics” of losing weight?

Simply put: calories in versus calories out. We have to expend more energy than we take in. One of the most efficient ways to burn calories is Cardio Kickboxing. It is fun, sociable and the perfect combination of upper and lower body movements which raise the body’s metabolism and consume those obstinate calories. Metabolism is the sum total of the body’s biochemical processes. This requires energy which is measured in calories. The higher the person’s metabolism, the more calories are used, it’s that simple.

Why is Cardio Kickboxing so effective?

The great combination of bobbing, weaving, punching, kicking and rapid focused movements brings out the best in anybody. You’ll be too busy having fun to realize that you are exercising! Even if you are a self-confessed citizen of “couch potatoland”, Cardio Kickboxing will surely get you up, moving and having loads of fun. In essence you and I will think of our Cardio Kickboxing class as a social and fun event rather than an exercise session. A positive outlook often makes things effortless and this is so true for exercise.

Are there spinoff bonus benefits?

Absolutely! Weight loss and calorie consumption is not something that happens only while you exercise. As a bonus, the body keeps utilizing calories as part of its recovery process. Not only will that, but exercise builds muscle and the added muscle mass you gain from Cardio Kickboxing consumes calories even at rest long after the body has recovered from the workout. The movements performed during your class will enhance your balance, help you focus mentally, and crank up your general sense of well-being to the next level.

What about nutrition? Does Cardio Kickboxing help suppress undesirable cravings?

It is no secret that exercise stimulates one’s appetite. However, folks who exercise regularly will agree that the post exercise body craves real food – a nutritious balanced meal. Cravings for (let’s be polite here!) “comfort” food and “snacking” food we associate with stress, boredom and habit, not exercise! A Cardio Kickboxing class will suppress those undesirable cravings that pack on the empty calories and associated weight gain, and instead steer us towards the food we truly require.

More specifically, what else can Cardio Kickboxing do?

According to the American College of exercise, kickboxing is a full body workout that challenges all major muscle groups whilst improving aerobic capacity (lung – heart performance), decreases stress and increases your endurance and strength. De-stressing ourselves with Cardio Kickboxing also reduces our inclination to poor food choices (do I hear snacking and comfort food?) which means less weight gain. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Give me the numbers!

According to a 150 pound person doing Cardio Kickboxing for 30 minutes can expect to burn between 325 and 345 calories. This does depend on how heavy the person is and the intensity of their workout, but it’s a good template from which to work. So if I spend, or should I say invest, an hour of my time three times a week participating in a Cardio Kickboxing class with Alka, that’s well over 2000 calories a week I am investing in my health! Now that makes business sense of the best kind.

And the big picture is…

People all over have discovered Cardio Kickboxing. Clearly the benefits for dropping a few extra kilograms with Cardio Kickboxing have been universally recognized. It’s fun and most importantly, safe and effective. So go ahead… shuffle, punch and kick the calories in more ways than one!

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