Feel 10 yrs younger with Zumba

How can I get back the ZING to POWER effortlessly throughout the day?

With the inviting energy of a Zumba class, being a part of a group exercise experience is infectious! And what’s more, Zumba naturally becomes part of your day and your energy levels increase with it. That means more get-up-and-go to get chores done and the mind focusing factor of exercise to ensure you are at your best at all times.You will have the strength to power through everything the day dishes out and the stamina to ensure you last till day’s end. It’s great knowing that a social powerhouse Zumba class at Alka’s Total Fitness is always there to recharge your batteries just when you need it!

Get electric, get energized and get ready to take on the world with ZUMBA!

Need a FRESH START to FITNESS that replaces BORING exercise?

If exercise seems like a drag you are not alone! For too many people it’s a chore and lacks the fun factor that they so desperately need to keep coming back. But many have discovered Zumba! It’s perfect for those who’s daily routines need that urgent change.

Take that important decision to have fun, hold your body accountable for your need to meet, move and make the change! The best part about this is that it’s fun. It’s dance with a difference! It’s geared to those you know what they need to make that life change, to set goals, but need that extra nudge to do so.

What’s great is that our schedule works well with those who are self employed, who have family responsibilities and who require some “me” time to take care of themselves. You deserve it and Alka’s Total Fitness is here to help! The beauty of a neighborhood fitness location is that it resonates with the beat and funky moves your body needs!

Can I TONE MY MUSCLES without heavy weights?

Sure you can! Neither weights nor heavy resistance is a requirement at a Zumba fitness class. The moves, the beat, the sweat and the fun of Zumba is the perfect way to use your own body to help itself.

Zumba classes are designed with this in mind. Our Zumba instructors will lead you through an invigorating class which stimulates muscle strength, bone density and cardiovascular capacity. Before long you will feel a firmness in your muscles. This will keep muscle atrophy associated with age, at bay. For those who have kept exercise on the back-burner, Zumba will actually reverse this process and reactivate muscles making them toned and strong.

Alka’s Total Fitness is proud to include Zumba in our schedule. It’s always been one of our favourite classes, and for good reason.

How can I avoid osteoporosis and BUILD STRONGER bones?

As the muscles lever bones through their range, they are stimulated to lay down bone cells in response. Zumba is the perfect messenger to our bones – and the message is grow stronger and meet the challenge. It’s a great way to stave off osteoporosis yet have the most fun ever. With the invigorating beat and funky moves you can’t help but move to the music.

An hour of Zumba will see you shift and shimmy like the party will never end! And that means muscle and bones are working hard to make sure you are the best you can be.

How can I clear BRAIN FOG and get through the day?

zumba-classBRAIN FOG is the result of many things. It’s a combination of poor sleep, poor nutrition, stress, and inactivity. With the indoor sedentary existence so many of us have, this is a multifaceted and common phenomenon.Yet this can be addressed! The great thing about exercise is that it’s a natural way to improve sleep. Somehow the day’s stresses seem softer with exercise, and this in turn also allows us improved sleep. Exercise automatically nudges us to healthier eating and is an excellent tune-up for the body generally.

Zumba can help clear brain fog because it is such a fun way to keep in shape and focus while you are learning and exercising to every dance move. When clients return again and again to share the fun and sweat their way to health, stimulating the brain easily becomes a habit. This means maximizing your brain power like never before, increasing your productivity and taking everything you are to the highest level.

Zumba is your perfect partner for a better more productive you!

What Are Your Next Steps?

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