7 Reasons Yoga Classes Beat the Gym Yoga works out the whole of you, mentally and physically. It cannot be compared to gym workouts because it is something entirely different. Many people often find it much better than a traditional workout, and practicing yoga can transform your life in ways you never expected.

Are Yoga Fitness Classes Enough to Keep Fit?

We all want to be healthy and fit, and practicing yoga offers this. However, it’s fair to wonder if you can you really swap a gym session for yoga fitness classes in Toronto. The short answer is yes! You can even replace your entire gym membership with a yoga studio membership, and your results will speak for themselves.

Suppose you have never done yoga before. You may think that it’s the same as any other physical workout. In truth, yoga is an efficient, strengthening, holistic, safe, and captivating experience.

7 Reasons Why A Yoga Class Is Better Than a Gym Session

Here are our top seven reasons why yoga beats working out at the gym. When you embark on your own yoga experience, you will find many more:

1. It Is Efficient

  • Yoga pushes your limits. The art of yoga centers around mindfulness and relaxation, but it can also be physically exerting when you need it to be.
  • As you gain masterfulness in the routines, you will learn how to control your breath even at the peak of the workout. This is cardiorespiratory fitness. Not many gym-goers can confidently say that they are fit in this manner.
  • Your body will move with ease. Each yoga pose builds endurance and muscular fitness.
  • Without regular exercise, you can start to lose your muscles due to muscle atrophy. Yoga poses like Warrior Three and Tree Pose are effective in muscle building and strengthening, ensuring your results last.
  • In fitness yoga, your focus is on your mind and body. In that calming state, when you are not competing with anyone to lift weights or run longer, you can push your fitness and strength to higher levels.

2. It Counts as Cardio.

  • Welcome to the world of Vinyasa yoga, where you gain more control over your mind and body with fast-paced yoga routines. From one routine to another, your heart rate will be increased.
  • Your breathing and blood circulation will significantly improve. Power yoga gives you all the benefits of cardio.
  • There is time for everything. Every time you break a sweat in power yoga, you improve your cardiovascular health.
  • If you’re new to yoga, it may take a while to learn the significant yoga poses. You may also find that you struggle to sustain them. With the help of a patient and skillful yoga teacher, nothing is unattainable, so be sure to ask for help if you need it.

3. Yoga Is Not A Competitive Sport.

  • Yoga is a personal undertaking that shifts focus back on you. Remember that where you place your mind is where you place your energy.
  • At the gym, your focus may be on how your neighbour is working out better or how they are fitter. The thought of that alone ruins your workout mentality.
  • In a yoga class, most students like to participate with their eyes closed. It happens naturally, just like in tasting or kissing. We close our eyes to help our minds be profoundly aware and involved in the moment.
  • When you focus on yourself, you power through your workout like a superhero. You will also find yourself more cheerful in your daily life.

4. Yoga Saves Money

Yoga is cheaper than the gym in many ways:

  • Workout gear: Gyms often have their own rules of what is or isn’t allowed, things you need, when to wear certain items, and more. All you need for a session at a yoga studio is comfy leggings, shoes, and a fitted top.
  • No equipment needed: You will pay more for your gym membership because you will be using the elliptical machine, barbells, weights, treadmills, and other costly equipment. In yoga, your body is your weight, and fitness relies on focus and concentration in movement and poses.
  • Yoga fitness classes near you: While there may not be a gym nearby, you can likely find yoga classes in your city, online classes, and even join some free events. A 30-minute session with a yogi may be all that you need to discover your love of yoga.
  • Membership: Gym sessions tend to be costly and long-term. Many yoga studio memberships are less expensive and offer more flexible terms.

5. Fewer Injuries

Yoga is often safer than gym workouts. Here is why:

In a yoga studio

  • Routines are personalized for your fitness level
  • There is no competing
  • You practice under a qualified teacher who provides guidance to ensure you have the correct form
  • Many yoga styles emphasize alignment and flexibility

In a gym

  • You may have to learn your way through the many types of equipment and machines
  • Gyms are highly competitive environments
  • Unless you hire a personal trainer, you have to make up your routine yourself
  • Moving incorrectly at the gym can lead to accidents and injuries

6. It Will Help You Lose Weight

  • We tend to go to the gym for one of two reasons: to build muscle or to lose weight. The latter can be a very stressful endeavour for women, as they have to contend with a lower metabolism, menopause, and pregnancy effects.
  • People often report that they find it hard to lose weight at the gym. While there could be thousands of reasons for that, scientists recently found one that makes sense. After a workout session at the gym, people tend to eat more and move less in the name of resting. Because of this, their weight remains how it was.
  • A yoga session is mindfulness and fitness in one. When you switch to a fitter and healthier lifestyle with yoga, you will become mindful of what you eat and how you move.
  • Consider hot yoga or Bikram yoga, which is done at a high temperature. More calories are burnt in the process. It is the same case for Ashtanga Yoga, which leaves you sweating and your heart beating faster.
  • Yoga routines burn fat by heightening your metabolic levels. The faster you move through power yoga, the more you’ll sweat. A single 30-minute session of yoga burns 120 calories. That’s nearly the same number of calories you would burn on a stair climber.

7. Variety Keeps It Interesting

  • There are many varieties of yoga disciplines. You can choose a style that works better for you, whether you are a beginner or veteran yoga practitioner. There are routines for the young and old, and those with injuries or those in great shape.
  • Look into yoga fitness classes in Toronto today, and you will see an endless selection of yoga styles. These can include Kundalini yoga, ashtanga yoga, aerial yoga and acro yoga. You might even come across HIIT yoga, hip-hop yoga, and yoga-dance.

Yoga Classes Available at Alka’s Total Fitness:

1) Restorative Yoga Classes:

Restorative yoga is about slowing down and aligning body and mind through stretching. This type of yoga rejuvenates the soul, accelerates stress relief and helps you explore the power within you.

2) Vinyasa Yoga Classes:

Vinyasa yoga is power yoga, combining breath work with flowing movements. In a Vinyasa class, routines are new each day. It’s never dull, your weight loss doesn’t plateau, and the movements improve posture and balance. This coordination helps to prevent injuries.

3) Aerial Yoga Classes:

Aerial yoga takes it a notch higher. You climb into a hammock to do the routines, which may otherwise be difficult on the ground. The suspension also engages core muscles more than they would be if you were on the floor.

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Yoga is fun, safe, efficient, and effective. It is one of the few exercises that can easily accommodate both beginners and experienced yogis while providing an enjoyable experience for both. If you are looking for a fun new way to improve your mental and physical health, join our yoga fitness classes today. We look forward to taking you on a journey to holistic wellness.

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