Capoeira Instructor, Lee Tran, always leads a motivating and fun Capoeira class. I look forward to my weekly class due to his encouragement and professionalism. He is patient and tailors your routine to your strengths and weaknesses, body type and learning style. I never felt intimated by the martial art form and felt positively challenged every class. Alka Sharma, kruns her studio with a lot of care and enthusiasm, always taking the time to chat. I highly recommend Capoeira for those looking for a great workout and to learn some martial art moves to boot!

Vanessa L.

Alka’s Total Fitness has changed my outlook on life for good! When I first arrived at the studio, I was amazed at how the owner, Alka Sharma, was so caring and devoted to my well-being.   The studio environment is so friendly and welcoming offering a high standard of Pilates classes.

I can’t imagine my life without Pilates, thanks to Shirin Nejad, my inspirational Pilates instructor. I had problems with my hand, and Pilates has helped me improve my concentration and strengthen my body at the same time. 

Come and join me at Shirin’s Pilates class soon. You won’t look back.

Abdi Bahrami

I have been training at Alka’s Total Fitness for six months now, and I would say this has been the best decision that I have made about my health.

The fitness studio is welcoming and has a positive environment which is very motivating. The studio has a variety of workouts for everyone.

My initial goal was to learn Restorative Yoga to improve flexibility but I have been trying out the Kickboxing and Zumba classes which are fun and improve your strength at the same time. The instructors are amazing. I would like to mention Dolma Tsering, who is my Restorative Yoga and Kickboxing Instructor. She gives special attention to each participant and this has helped me improve my body psture drastically. I have already been recommending Alka’s Total Fitness to all my friends and I would encourage everyone to join. This studio is very different from the other regular fitness gyms.

Owner & CEO, Alka Sharma, is very friendly and she makes your feel very comfortable from the minute you walk in. I would like to wish her success and thank her for her support in achieving my goals.

Shilpa Pawani

I trained at Alka’s Total Fitness for almost 3 weeks and my experience has been amazing so far!

My original goal was to improve my balance, endurance and stamina by using a workout regimen different from that of a typical regular gym. Alka’s Fitness provides just that!

The workouts are challenging and full of variety! The instructors are very knowledgeable and ensure that we do the moves correctly. They make the workouts fun as well. My focus is on Kickboxing and TRX. Dolma Tsering, the instructor, is outstanding. With her personal attention to each participant, the moves are reinforced which maximizes the benefits of the workout for all.

Alka Sharma herself is a great motivator and is personable and very amiable. In all, I am very satisfied with the results and I have been recommending Alka’s Total Fitness to my friends and will continue to do so!

I thank Alka for her support and warmth and wish her great success!!

Shraddha Mhatre

I have attended Alka’s Total Fitness ever since it was a small, cozy studio. Since then Alka’s Total Fitness has expanded to a larger location. It is a clean welcoming environment which makes workouts truly enjoyable. The music choices really make the workout extra special and I always look forward to attending my Zumba, Pilates and TRX classes.

The teachers are very personable and knowledgeable and through them I have learned a lot. Alka herself is a lovely person. She is always concerned about her clients and frequently enquires about their well-being.

I am lucky to have discovered Alka’s boutique studio and have had the opportunity to get to know her. Thank you, Alka! And when I am back in Korea in the months ahead, I will fondly remember the great times I had staying in shape at your studio.

Diane Kim

Alka’s Total Fitness program is truly life changing. From the moment I walked into the room, Alka’s smile and positive energy was felt in the room. Her class was upbeat and had complex drills but she took the time to go through them and explain so that I was able to participate to the best of my ability. She was always willing to re-explain routines and drills and help whoever was stuck.

I can say for sure that I’ll be back whenever possible, and will recommend to all my friends and family whoever is looking for a total core body workout every Sunday AM to try Alkas class.
I left her class sweating like crazy, and that’s how you know it was a great workout -10/10!!!

Evan H.

Alka was terrific with my team. Her energy and passion for Cardio Kickboxing really made the evening a ton of fun and WOW what a work-out. It was unexpected how easily Alka transitioned us from move to move. Cardio-Kickboxing would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s training program or just a great way to get started.

Gwen A.

Branch Manager