Shirin Nejad, Pilates Instructor


The Core Benefits of Pilates

My name is Shirin Nejad and I am your Pilates Instructor. For me Pilates is the perfect way to nurture my poise, posture, relax the mind and have a Total Fitness Experience. I am committed to physical fitness and dynamic movement with my exercise routines. This is what Pilates is and it’s what I truly enjoy! I believe in a strong foundation in life, and this mirrors the strong core which is the spirit of Pilates. By exercising in a warm and comfortable environment the best results are nurtured in all participants.

There are few workouts with the focus and positive intensity of Pilates. Too many workouts neglect the abdomen and back, but Pilates actually uses the back and abdomen as a foundation from which to maximize strength elsewhere in the body. It’s a a class of composed controlled movements wherein body alignment, strength and posture are addressed. You can expect an overall ease of movement and a greater ability to deal with daily activities.

“Pilates is, without a doubt, the best exercise for me. I have become acutely in tune with my own body. Let me help you nurture this within yourself – the fun way to breath properly, align your spine and and develop quality flowing movement. Discover why Pilates is an international success story!”

Pilates emphasizes respiration which results in enhanced breathing. So it’s a great choice for those who have respiratory issues. Those who do Pilates regularly are stronger, more toned, healthier individuals who are less likely to experience problems associated with postural neglect such as low back pain.

Concentration (deep focus), Control (stable movement), Centre (the torso “powerhouse”), Flow (smooth transitions), Precision (movement accuracy) and Breathing (full deep air intake) fuse to form a complete workout marrying the respiratory system perfectly with the physical component.

Why I Teach Pilates

Having a university education in Science, Sociology and Biology, I have come to recognize and appreciate everything it has to offer. I love its positive intensity! Teaching the poise, the posture, the control, the concentration brings out the best in me, and everyone who shares the Pilates experience with me! Also, I am Certified through Four Pillar Pilates which equips me to encompass the 6 principles of Pilates into one energetic entity.

As an instructor, communication is my strength and my experience encompasses working with a with range of people. You are assured of a Pilates experience that takes you to the next level.