Lee Tran, Capoeira Instructor

My passion as a Capoeira Instructor and Performer

My name is Lee “Cabeça” Tran and I have the pleasure of teaching Capoeira at Alkas Total Fitness. Having been immersed in this amazing form of exercise for many years, has made me one of the most recognized Capoeira instructors in Canada. Capoeira is a unique form of martial arts and dance!  With it’s lively Latin spirit it’s taking the fitness world by storm and I am recognized as one of the leading trainers in town to teach this.

I have trained in Capoeira with Axé Capoeira since 2009. This is the leading Martial Arts school and Performance group in Canada. Under the guidance of Contra-Mestre Paraíba, one of the most revered teachers in North America, I have achieved Capoeira excellence.

It’s FUN teaching Capoeira for Adults and Kids too!

In addition to demonstrations and performances, my journey with Capoeira has evolved to include teaching. For 5 years and counting, both adults and children have been enthralled by my classes throughout the GTA. Kids as young as 5 can benefit from the balance, motor coordination, self discipline, self confidence, strength and speed which it nurtures. These early developing years are crucial to a child’s development, and Capoeira for Kids, is the perfect medium to ensure this happens in the best possible way. Also, for a number of years now, I have travelled extensively throughout the United States where I have participated in numerous Capoeira events and workshops.

I will share the taste of Latin spirit at its best!

My infectious teaching style has merited me being selected to perform and demonstrate this discipline in various prestigious events such as the Pan Am Food Festival, Can-Fit Pro Expo, and TV shows such as Family Channel’s – The Next Step.  I am no stranger to audiences, and I thrive on sharing the spirit of Capoeira with newbies and experienced participants alike. Let my acclaimed teaching be part of your fitness program! All classes and routines happen to the sound of Afro-Brazilian melodies which will nudge you to take your workout the the next heart pumping level. Class participation and interaction is extremely sociable. The friendly flavour of Latin American culture permeates the Capoeira experience which will bring you back again and again, to taste more!

Capoeira – a blend of self defence with acrobatic dance.

Capoeira evolved in Brazilian slave culture in centuries past. It blended self defence with acrobatic dance. The former was a weaponless way for slaves to protect themselves from their overlords, the latter a useful way to disguise their activities under the eyes of these same slave-owners.  It’s success in Latin America resulted in a natural spread northward and it is practiced with veneration and energy all across North America.

Take this opportunity to make Latin American physical culture part of your day! It’s an wonderfully satisfying workout experience. Incredible arm capability, core stability and potent leg strength, this is all part of Capoeira. Let me open your mind to a workout your body will thank you for.

Exuberance, exhilaration, energy – embark on the adventure, share the Capoeira spirit!