Karen Lao, Zumba Instructor

My name is Karen Lao, and I would love to Zoom into Zumba with you! I am absolutely passionate about staying fit through dance.  My desire to share my enthusiasm with others  led me to become a Certified Zumba Instructor.  I am licensed in Zumba B1 and STRONG by Zumba.  I enjoy helping others reach their fitness goals and creating a fun, exciting, and engaging Zumba class experience.  It is my wish to  inspire and motivate others to stay active and have fun.  Feels like a party!  When I teach Zumba classes, I share that same love for music and spirit of dance with my students.

Zumba is an exercise class combining elements of flaming flamenco, sizzling salsa and mamba movements. With energetic music echoing these sounds and dance types, you’ll be exposed to sounds  from a variety of sources. The best of all worlds! It’s the recent rage that will lift your workout up to the next level! With these energetic tunes you will forget that you are exercising, you will be having too much fun!

“Come join me and you will see what I mean.  You don’t even have to know how to dance.  Just move your body and follow my lead.  It’s easy!  Come try it, I guarantee you will have a blast!  I look forward to meeting you!”

The objectives of Zumba are coordination, stamina, strength and posture, all with a strong sense of socializing. I maximize these with my unique style of excitement. Attendees will definitely feel the energy and fun of the class. These energetic tunes will keep you coming back for more, guaranteed. 

We want you to succeed in creating balance in your life with dynamic movement and physical fitness. Learn with the Latin tempo and grow with us in the most fun way possible! Zip into Zumba with Karen!

I absolutely look forward to meeting you and sharing with you what inspired me to exercise in the most fun way possible!