Hanieh Zamamikoojal, Zumba Instructor

Hanieh Zamamikoojal, Zumba Instructor
Hello there, my name is Halieh Zamamikoojal, and I am thrilled to be teaching Zumba at Alka’s Total Fitness!

Zumba is a natural “fit”

Since I came from a dance background, the movements of Zumba were a natural fit for me. The energy and movement of dance has made a difference in my own life, that means for you as well as for me! The body benefits which include the upper and lower body, as well as the heart, lungs and other body systems, all respond to Zumba. Of all the exercise choices we have, I like Zumba the best, and I love sharing!

Sharing vitality as varied as you are!

My background in traditional as well as modern dance have given me the tools to blend the body benefits of Zumba dance moves with everything you would expect in a high energy fun workout. My first Zumba class was alI I needed to know that this was my way to wellness. It was fun, funky and for me! My inner voice told me that I had found the perfect way to pursue my fitness goals, and teaching at Alkas Total Fitness is a great place for me to share the energy, passion and fun with my friends.

The Dancing Soul of a little girl!

Ever since childhood I have danced. I guess it was in my soul! But so too, that vitality that grew together with me as I reached adulthood, led me to Zumba. Many years ago I participated in my first Zumba class. Half a decade ago and counting I began teaching, and the rest is history! I love it…, not only that, but being a committed community person, I am always sharing the joy of this among my friends and family, together with the wisdom of a healthy lifestyle.

Challenging to be a Champion!

I enjoy a challenge, and while the child in me wants things to be fun, I know that a solid workout is what I need to make a difference in my life. Reaching one’s fitness goals is an outcome we should all strive for, to be one’s own champion. But I know that this should be fun as well, that’s why I love Zumba so much. The fun fuels the child in me to achieve my own fitness goals as an adult. This is a journey many of us strive for, and Zumba is the perfect medium to achieve this.