Dolma Tsering, TRX & Restorative Yoga Instructor


Why I Teach & Practice TRX (Total Resistance Exercise)

Balance and control. This sounds like a great way to live life! It’s also the perfect description for TRX (Total Resistance Exercise). My name is Dolma Tsering and I am your TRX Instructor and I have found the finest way to nurture physical control and balance within your body.

I am a full time Physiotherapy Assistant and a Yoga instructor, I deal daily with people who require physical healing and rehabilitation.  I also love roller-blading and reading. Being immersed in the rehabilitation and fitness world is the perfect fit for me. Without a doubt, it’s in me to take you to the next level in your physical conditioning. And TRX is just the way to do it!

The name suggests a workout unlike anything else you have seen. And you would be correct. Using 2 suspended pulleys, exercise sequences utilize upper and lower extremity (arm and leg) work. The routines ensure you automatically keep your torso firm and stable which means you are also taking your core (torso) strength to the next level! Pulleys are used as tools to enhance or challenge the participant’s workout for the muscles of the entire body. The Pulleys, unlike the floor or exercise bars, are inherently unstable, so it’s a fun way to to ensure significant balance and control element with all exercises. This greatly increases the effectiveness of the workout.

 “Let me invite you now, to try TRX with me. I promise you a workout experience of a lifetime.”

TRX Benefits – Mobility & Stability Improves

By using dangling pulleys as a contact point for hands or feet, you “up” that control component in all exercises. Not only are you pushing or pulling against resistance, you are avoiding wobbling or cheat movements while keeping your midriff firm and the movement stable. Yes, routines are potentially much tougher than many other workouts! But the main challenge is control and balance. As your instructor,  I will show you how to modify the routine to your comfort level. As a bonus the precise movement execution requires the body to recruit a larger muscle mass. This in turn results in a greater body hormonal response. Body systems in turn maximize their response to the workout.

The resulting strength and stamina nurtures stronger bone and an amplified response of the heart and lungs to the comprehensive challenge, making for a workout finer than virtually any other. Your mobility and stability are assured to improve significantly. Without a doubt this workout is truly far more effective!

And for me, it’s where I belong! For those seeking the finest workout for body conditioning and core strengthening, a TRX class is it! Prepare to be blown away by a workout that leaves others in the shade. The body’s core responds to TRX far more than anything else out there. Try out a class with me but be forewarned, with just your body weight and TRX trainer straps as equipment, your idea of a true core conditioning class will change forever. Remember, you heard it from me first! 


I also enjoy teaching Restorative Yoga

It’s a style of yoga that guides all who do it toward a healing and recuperative experience. Its deep focus on unwinding and balancing the entire body, benefits both me and my participants.

Restorative Yoga nurtures a heightened sense of body awareness. Most of us have neither the time nor the ability to acknowledge our bodies in this special way. Through Restorative Yoga we  empower ourselves to transcend the mind – body barrier and nurture perfect posture and spiritual well-being. The subdued quality of restorative yoga will draw your attention inward and away from life’s negative intensities. With this inward awareness, Restorative Yoga becomes a sanctuary for your body and spirit. From there you may reach a deeper perception of who you are, what life will present you with, and how your personal goals can bestow something special on the world.

For me Restorative Yoga is the perfect way to slow down the body and induce rest. This it does by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system which is the body’s mechanism for bringing about a calming and restful response. Work with me to enable this powerful system and induce a deep serenity by using the body’s own systems.