Capoeira-martial-arts-dance2Bursting with a blend of Martial Arts, Music and Movement,

Capoeira is feisty, fun and your first choice for fitness.

It’s a spirited fusion of fight and dance that will blow you away!

And it’s offered at Alka’s Total Fitness!

Be part of history – martial arts and dance

Harkening back to slave owning days of colonial Brazil, slaves developed an African influenced martial arts form disguised as dance. It was their way of developing a self defence system under the very eyes of their overlords. But it has evolved over the years to a growing and much sought after form of fitness. Capoeira!

Do you think you have “Seen it all?” Think again!

Join Lee Tran, our instructor, in exploring something utterly different, unique and exciting beyond anything you have ever seen before. It’s a fitness class that is adaptable to all skill levels but will blow you away regardless! Using fluid floor movements, kicks and arm strikes, you will take every body system to the next level – and then some!

Capoeira is your choice to build muscle, bone and core strength

Capoeira-martial-arts-dance1It builds muscle strength! And not just your arms, your legs, your core – every muscle in the body! Capoeira encompasses many great movement sequences that target the muscles directly. It’s a powerhouse workout for muscles! Capoeira also builds bone density.

All that muscle action powers up the body to lay down bone cells.

Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, common bone conditions of ageing are prevented. Which leads us to our next point. Capoeira keeps the ageing process on hold. Stay youthful the fun way, with Capoeira.

You will acquire coordination, benefit your balance and give your confidence the boost it deserves! No that’s a great way to stay young!

Capoeira – powering the mind!

lee-tran-capoeira-instructor1Capoeira is probably one of the most mind focusing fitness forms. Concentration is something that always requires fine-tuning, and this will up your ability to direct your thoughts and exclude interruption. It is rare to generate that double – double, win – win; but with Capoeira you are sure to undergo this ultimate experience in every way. Lee Tran, our Capoeira instructor, is recognized for his experience and precision. Having trained with the best, he is equipped to train you to focus your mind and fuel your body. Alka’s Total Fitness is proud to showcase the finest instructors in the city. Lee Tran is without a doubt, our King of Capoeira!

Share the “Teamwork” factor

Capoeira is done in pairs. To the tempo of Latin drums your partner and you follow the various sequences. It’s a great way to train teamwork and trust. The thrill of perfecting that movement combination, you and your training partner together reach that “wow, we did it!”.

Trending in the workplace as well as in recreation, is the “teamwork” factor. Capoeira creates “concentration in combination”. Your workout partner and you develop focus and fitness together – and don’t forget the fun aspect!

Alka’s Total Fitness is without a doubt, the best in boutique fitness. Come on down, we would love to share the Capoeira experience with you!

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