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Calling All Women In The Thornhill Area!

Join An Exclusive Group Of Local Women Just Like You Who Have:

  • Increased Their Vital Energy
  • Gained Sexy Muscle Tone
  • Lost Unwanted Weight
  • Gained Mental Clarity
  • Increased Their Self-Confidence
  • Reached goals with a Lifestyle Coach!

And So Much More!

Why Choose Alka’s Total Fitness For Your Fitness Goals?

I first tried Aerial Yoga, then Pilates, Zumba, and Yoga classes and it was incredible. I was surrounded by people that were non-judgemental, and encouraging but what I mainly remember is always having fun. When you combine FUN with your FITNESS you become addicted to becoming HEALTHY and FIT. I recommend you immerse yourself in Alka’s Total Fitness Community that EMPOWERS WOMEN AND MEN to truly live a life you deserve.

Armin Shafee

Elite Speakers Academy, Reborn Experience

Fitness Classes in Toronto / Thornhill:

Exercise should be something that you look forward to because it’s more impactful when it’s enjoyable. It offers benefits for weight loss, flexibility, and emotional wellness. At Alka’s Total Fitness, we provide an environment and classes that redefine fitness!

Fitness Classes Available at Alka’s Total Fitness:

Kick Boxing / Self Defense

Take part in a fun, high-energy cardio class that leaves your arms well sculpted and your core toned. Learn a few self-defence skills along the way to help you feel confident!

TRX Training

Take your fitness to the next level. Our suspension-bodyweight training classes will increase your strength, improve your balance, and flatten your tummy.


Strength and flexibility are just some of the benefits you’ll get in a Pilates class. Our Pilates fitness classes are diverse and personalized to bring out the best of your physique.

Yoga (Power, Aerial & Restorative)

Unleash the power of yoga with our three yoga fitness classes. They will strengthen your mind and body and help you feel younger.


Dance your way to your ideal body! Zumba at Alka’s Total Fitness is authentic and calibrated for optimal fat-blasting. You will love it.

Yoga Classes in Thornhill – Why Yoga is the Perfect Fitness Class

Our yoga studio has an atmosphere of energy, motivation, and inspiration. Our instructors are all fitness experts that will guide you to better health.

Improve Your Flexibility

Yoga lessons lead to better strength and next-level flexibility. It can help you loosen your muscles and tissues so you can move better and exercise more effectively.

Excellent Cross-Training

Adding yoga to your regular fitness routine can be very complementary. This low-impact exercise isn’t rough on your joints and adds a nice variety to your week.

Great for Your Heart

Doing yoga helps to improve your cardiovascular health and can help ward off heart disease. It also helps your heart to feel more at peace, offering both physiological and emotional benefits.

We Have Three Different Programs for You to Choose From!

Choose Restorative Yoga for healing, Power Yoga for fitness and strength, and Aerial Yoga for deeper poses and better flexibility.

What Clients Are Saying!

The one thing that stands out for me is how professional and friendly everyone is! There is so much support and positive vibe, makes one want to come back and be apart of the experience again and again! The instructors are friendly and loving! I had classes with Shirin and Anu for Pilates and Yoga. The instructors are friendly and loving! I had classes with Shirin …

Read more…

Christine Zhou

I was first introduced by the CEO Alka Sharma to Alka’s Total Fitness. Alka is an amazing woman and her positive energy, smile and passion is what makes her boutique a very unique fitness program.

I am so lucky and grateful to discover her studio and having an opportunity to try out her classes. My favourite …

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Nathalie Bou-Chedid

I have been training at Alka’s Total Fitness for six months now, and I would say this has been the best decision that I have made about my health. The fitness studio is welcoming and has a positive environment which is very motivating. The studio has a variety of workouts for everyone. 

My initial goal was to learn Restorative  

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Shilpa Pawani

Alka’s Total Fitness Studio Boutique located at the World on Yonge

Our Certified Fitness Instructors offer some of the best fitness routines, right here in the heart of Thornhill, just North of Steeles, on Yonge Street.
Driving? No problem. There is ample FREE underground parking too!

Alka's Total Fitness

Alka’s Total Fitness
7163 Yonge St, Unit #117
Thornhill (GTA), ON, L3T 0C6

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