Kickboxing/Self Defence

It’s a total body workout! Nothing is left behind! Your muscles, bones, and joints are made to move! They do so with speed and power. Arms, legs and even your core can feel the difference.


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Kick butt with Kickboxing

Kickboxing is based on Kickboxing Martial Arts. Using the same combinations of kicks and hand strikes blended with aerobics class movements, it produces a high impact cardiovascular workout that’s both rewarding and beneficial.

Under the guidance of an instructor, movement sequences take you through a 1 hour routine that elevate the body systems to the next level of fitness. It’s the new rage, and for good reason!

Health Wonders of Kickboxing!

It’s a total body workout! Nothing is left behind! Your muscles, bones, and joints are made to move! They do so with speed and power. Arms, legs and even your core can feel the difference.

Lungs and Heart get a great workout! You are literally, a heartbeat away from better cardiac health and a breath away from improved lung function. All the while, an exhilarating experience will carry you through a fun class that will leave you panting for more.

De-stress with confidence! Nervous energy, distracting thoughts are all literally, kicked and punched onto the back-burner. A Kickboxing class is social. It means that you get to reap the benefits while meeting like-minded people, keen to loose the extra poundage and and take the edge off daily strain.

Build Better/Healthier bones, muscles and joints, with Kickboxing. Muscle-bone interaction strengthens muscle and stimulates the body to lay down bone tissue reducing the chance of osteoporosis. Movement executed in the class ensures joint health by oiling the joints, keeping them arthritis free. In fact all body systems benefit making for improved quality of life!

Calorie Consumption goes sky high! Another great feature of these workouts is that you burn calories, not only while you exercise, but absolutely during the recovery process. Also, by increasing your muscle mass, you raise your body’s resting metabolism. This means that even when being passive post workout, “the flame needs fuelling” and the body burns extra calories.

With Cardio Kickboxing there is no reason not to enjoy exercise. Well-being can be nurtured and maintained while enjoying the company of others who feel the same way! Healthier and happier!!

Chronicling Kickboxing

Sourced from a martial arts form going back centuries, Kickboxing morphed in 1950s Japan  into the modern sport.

In the early 1990s it evolved into the non-contact exercise routine form. Frank Thiboutot of Portland, Maine developed this version. He recognized the many great things Kick Boxing had to offer, but clearly there was a need for a non sparring derivative.

The instructors at Alka Sharma’s studio have recognized this. They/she would simply love to share what so many have discovered! Connect with Alka and take your own health to the next level!