Danglefit - Yoga

Also known as “Anti-gravity Yoga”, DangleFit is something unlike anything you have seen before!


It’s a fun fusion of disciplines wherein the acrobat artist in you dials up your workout beyond the mundane.


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Also known as “Anti-gravity Yoga”, Danglefit is something unlike anything you have seen before! Using a dangling hammock system, you will do exercises combining Yoga with Pilates, Aerial Acrobatics, Dance and Calisthenics. It’s a fun fusion of disciplines wherein the acrobat artist in you dials up your workout beyond the mundane.

Routines involve sequences using these elements in order to achieve a total-body workout. It’s the perfect blend of an acrobat, circus performer and a yoga buff!

What will I expect with Danglefit?

Firstly, rest assured! The dangling slings (hammocks) can handle far more than you and I and virtually anyone’s weight. The biggest challenge is trusting the contraption. With the instructor’s guidance you will overcome any initial anxiety. Follow instructions and let your natural instinct take over and enjoy something special. You will be amazed at what you can do!

Classes involve a sequence of yoga positions using the dangling slings as contact points.

Your body will experience a host of positional challenges, each emphasizing different body parts. The use of slings rather than just a mat, are an opportunity to stimulate the body in totally new positions. Each is designed to benefit the body in a slew of different ways.

Danglefit is a non-weight bearing exercise relieving back-pain and increasing strength overall.

One great advantage of Danglefit is this. It is non-weight bearing which means your fitness level and body type are not an impediment. It’s a versatile and varied discipline which draws from various forms of exercise. You can expect an outstanding way to benefit from all of them, but also enjoy the pizazz of doing something new and unique.

Because you are dangling for much of the routine, it’s a chance to decompress the spine. It helps reverse the “squish” effect of gravity on the discs that lie between our vertebrae as we walk, stand or sit.

With Danglefit, gravity then becomes our friend, gently lengthening our bodies and “re-inflating” our intervertebral discs. It’s a fun way of generating relief from the chronic and unavoidable compression on our backs in our daily lives. Danglefit is just the answer for those unfortunate people for whom back pain precludes them getting regular exercise.  Few workouts can truly boast this!

Danglefit is a brilliant blend of back care, de-stressing, mind focusing and muscle maintenance.

So while managing muscles and mind yoga-style, you are gently lengthening the body alleviating the lifelong gravity-down pressure on the vertebral discs. It’s a great workout to prevent back problems, but also great for those with existing back issues. We get some relief when we lie down, but not as much as when our bodies are suspended. Unfortunately, we rarely have this opportunity to “hang out” and reverse this process.

The dangling hammocks are contact points for the arms, legs and body. Unlike the floor or an exercise bench, the hammocks are unstable. This means they naturally move and require you to keep them stable. You will recruit more muscle mass to keep your body firm and your exercise on form, hence you generate a greater hormonal response. You also generate core strength for the same reason! It’s a unique “Total Fitness”experience!

Danglefit’s “this is different” appeal will amplify the fun which reinforces workout attendance. That happy combination of fun and hard-to-miss, makes for the perfect stress buster. In fact some people for whom traditional yoga does not resonate, find themselves in love with Danglefit.

* Please Note: cautions exist for pregnant women, those with vertigo and people with recent eye surgery.

At Alka’s Total Fitness Studio, experience how  Danglefit Instructor, Lee Downer, can show  how everyone can enjoy yoga in its most inclusive form!