Capoeira is a martial arts and dance form blending the delicacy of dance, deep focus, strength and agility.



Prepare yourself to do fluid floor movements combined with arm swings and kicks.

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Featured Class: CAPOEIRA
Fitness Instructor: LEE TRAN


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Capoeira Conceived!

Capoeira is a martial arts and dance form blending the delicacy of dance, deep focus, strength and agility. It has been described as a mind body experience combining many elements.

Tell me about the benefits of Capoeira?

Capoeira has morphed into an internationally loved exercise form.  This speaks for the strength it develops, the poise it teaches and the confidence it nurtures. It is enjoyed across the globe. It is an all encompassing mind-body combination, probably more than any other exercise discipline.

In addition to the physical and mind benefits, an important aspect of Capoeira is team building! Because routines are usually done in pairs, it’s an outstanding way to nurture that all important person to person trust.

As daunting as some moves are in its purest form, it’s adapted by the skilled instructor to the needs of almost everybody. Introductory classes enable first timers to enjoy what it has to offer in a manageable form. Strength, balance and importantly, focusing of the mind, all of which can be enjoyed by everyone – novice to advanced.

The fascinating history of Capoeira!

Dating back to the slave culture of Brazil in the 1500s, slaves developed this Afro-Brazilian martial arts form as a self -defence against their oppressors. It was also an art form and a manifestation of their Afro culture and customs.

To this day it has evolved into an outstanding form of exercise. Accompanied with music, it includes slow controlled acrobatics (not unlike break-dancing) and combines kicks, strikes sometimes even from upside-down positions. Done in its purest and advanced form, it’s an incredible show worthy of any gymnastics routine! In times past practitioners cloaked their self -defence moves in dance as a way to distract their Euro-Brazilian masters. They were to believe this was merely dance when in fact it was actually a method of self-defence!

A counterculture historically frowned on by their overlords, is now deemed a respected national sport in Brazil. What a great  transition!

What can I expect in my Capoeira class?

Prepare yourself to do fluid floor movements combined with arm swings and kicks. In time you may do cartwheels and possibly a host of sequences that build your confidence, strength, agility and concentration. This is, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable 1 hour exercise sessions you will ever experience!

Let the experts at Alka Sharma’s facility introduce you to something really special. Come experience Capoeira with Alka Sharma’s team.