Lee Downer, Danglefit Instructor

Why I became a Danglefit Instructor?

I am Lee Downer, your Danglefit Instructor, and my journey into fitness is shared by few other instructors. I suffered from severe chronic debilitating back pain. By adapting various forms of yoga into something special, I was able to overcome this. I am excited to share my success with you! Danglefit played a major part in my recovery.

“Discover with me a workout that’s ‘above all others’, Danglefit is a great new way to exercise, dial up the acrobat artist in you for a workout beyond the mundane!”

My extensive and varied experience in the fitness industry extends over 30 years. I coached weight lifters and body builders at the provincial and national level. I am also a Certified Peak Potential Trainer and qualified as a Fitness Trainer with the YMCA.

My development of CorYoga especially for Golf is highly acclaimed as is my experience as a Personal Trainer specializing in weight loss and and bodybuilding. But it is for my seminars and presentations on Aerial Back Therapy, where I have really received my recognition.

I speak openly about the challenges with my back and the difficult journey to recovery and I acknowledge the difficulties experienced by others. So you are in the assured hands of an instructor, teacher, conference presenter and coach; but importantly, you are working with someone who has overcome his own challenges with his body and prevailed!

I enjoy sharing the ultimate anti-gravity fun fusion of exercise disciplines. With my extensive experience you will enjoy a workout like no other, one that not only allows those with back pain to participate, but actually helps relieve their suffering!

Why is Danglefit a perfect workout for lower back pain?

Danglefit is the perfect workout for someone in my situation. By using the dangling hammocks (the silks) to hoist me above the ground while I exercise, I am able to elongate my spine by including the dangling component in the routines. By being in a non-weight-bearing position, gravity is used to decompress the discs in the back, helping reverse the downward squeeze caused by years of gravity when the body is weight bearing on the ground. The great thing is, everyone can enjoy and benefit from Danglefit! It’s a great combination of acrobat, circus performer and yoga. Please Note:*Danglefit classes are not included in any promo offers.