5 FACTS to put Danglefit on top of your Fitness To Do Bucket list!

1) Danglefit fuses Aerial Acrobatics, CorYoga and Suspension Yoga.

danglefit-yoga-1Danglefit is in many ways, the consummate combination of Calisthenics, Pilates, Aerial Acrobatics, Yoga and Dance.

You cannot beat a versatile and varied discipline such as this which draws on such a large number of workout styles.

It’s an outstanding way to benefit from all of them, but also enjoy the pizazz of doing something new and unique.




2) Danglefit: toning the torso – automatically!

Using the dangling hammocks as contact point for the arms, legs and body, you will develop strength and stability.

Unlike the floor or exercise bench, the hammocks are unstable contact points.

This means they naturally move and require you, the participant, to keep them stable.

You will recruit more muscle mass to keep your body firm and your exercise on form, hence you generate a greater hormonal response.

You also simultaneously generate core strength for the same reason! It’s a unique class, a total fitness experience unlike any other!


3)Decompressing the discs with Danglefit!

danglefit-yoga-3Gravity causes the “squish” effect on the discs that lie between our vertebrae as we walk, stand or sit. We get some relief when we lie down, but not as much as when our bodies are suspended. Gravity then becomes our friend, gently lengthening our bodies and “re-inflating” our intervertebral discs.

It’s a welcome relief from the chronic and unavoidable compression on our backs in our daily lives. Unfortunately, we rarely have this opportunity to “hang out” and reverse this process.

Those with back pain often find it impossible to exercise. Danglefit could be just the answer for those unfortunate people. It’s an exercise form that does the very thing to relieve pain and reverse the condition!

It’s hard to imagine an opportunity to exercise yet at the same time, relieve something that often prevents us from exercising in the first place!

Without a doubt, Danglefit is something that those with debilitating back pain should seriously consider to make that quantum change in their life!


4) Back pain sufferers can finally join the fun!

danglefit-yoga-4Back pain is frequently an impediment to exercise.

Those who suffer back pain often cannot participate and miss out on a world of social interaction and exercise.

This need not be so!

Because this is fun, different and allows those with disc related back pain to gain relief if not full recovery, it’s arguably the one-of-a-kind exercise that’s impossible to resist!


5) Meet Lee Downer, the Developer of Danglefit.



Lee Downer, the developer of this system, has an enviable record in the universe of exercise and physical education.

He is an experienced instructor with extensive training from the YMCA and he has a Physical Education degree from York University.

He has had outstanding exposure as a coach at the provincial and national level with athletes for Weight Training and Body Building.

His comprehensive training includes various types of Yoga which has put him in the perfect position to embark on his journey to recovery.

As someone who suffered severe debilitating low back pain, there was little out there that could help him.

But with perseverance and knowledge of fitness, he developed the perfect cure for his back pain – and for others. Lee also conducts numerous seminars on it in the corporate world.


With Danglefit it’s simply harder to find an excuse not to exercise!” – Lee Downer
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