Learn HOW Women in THORNHILL are increasing their ENERGY, gaining MUSCLE, and losing UNWANTED WEIGHT from their WAIST, HIPS and THIGHS with our TOTAL Fitness Solution!

What Clients Are Saying!

I have been training at Alka’s Total Fitness for six months now, and I would say this has been the best decision that I have made about my health. The fitness studio is welcoming and has a positive environment which is very motivating. The studio has a variety of workouts for everyone. 

My initial goal was to learn Restorative  

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Shilpa Pawani

I trained at Alka’s Total Fitness for almost 3 weeks and my experience has been amazing so far!

My original goal was to improve my balance, endurance and stamina by using a workout regimen different from that of a typical regular gym. Alka’s Fitness provides just that!                                               

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Shraddha Mhatre

I have attended Alka’s Total Fitness ever since it was a small, cozy studio. Since then Alka’s Total Fitness has expanded to a larger location. It is a clean welcoming environment which makes workouts truly enjoyable. The music choices really make the workout extra special and I always look forward to attending my Zumba, Pilates and TRX classes.

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Diane Kim

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Capoeira – Total Fitness Body Benefits Blended with Martial Arts

Capoeira – Total Fitness Body Benefits Blended with Martial Arts

Bursting with a blend of Martial Arts, Music and Movement, Capoeira is feisty, fun and your first choice for fitness. It's a spirited fusion of fight and dance that will blow you away! And it's offered at Alka's Total Fitness! Be part of history – martial arts and...

Zumba  – 5 Benefits to DANCE YOUR WAY to “Total Fitness”

Zumba – 5 Benefits to DANCE YOUR WAY to “Total Fitness”

Introducing “Zing” in your life can be fun! And to boot, there are many benefits for your physical health! Zumba trends highly on the wish-list of ways to wellness. 1. Zumba develops strength and prevents back pain! All those great Zumba moves encompassing upper and...

Why Take a Group Fitness Class?

Why Take a Group Fitness Class?

There are many types of exercise that can be done in the home, or by yourself; walking and running, for example. However, we've seen a growing trend in recent years for more and more people to cut down on their individual exercise routines in favour of group fitness...

Danglefit  – 5 Things You Didn’t Know!

Danglefit – 5 Things You Didn’t Know!

5 FACTS to put Danglefit on top of your Fitness To Do Bucket list! 1) Danglefit fuses Aerial Acrobatics, CorYoga and Suspension Yoga. Danglefit is in many ways, the consummate combination of Calisthenics, Pilates, Aerial Acrobatics, Yoga and Dance. You cannot beat a...

Alka’s Total Fitness Studio Boutique located at the World on Yonge

Our Certified Fitness Instructors offer some of the best fitness routines, right here in the heart of Thornhill, just North of Steeles, on Yonge Street.
Driving? No problem. There is ample FREE underground parking too!

Alka's Total Fitness

Alka’s Total Fitness
7163 Yonge St, Unit #117
Thornhill (GTA), ON, L3T 0C6

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